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Brajkovich Demolition and Salvage

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Brajkovich Demolition and Salvage

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281 Newcastle St, Northbridge WA 6003

Overview of Brajkovich Demolition and Salvage

We are here to help residential, commercial and industrial clients with their demolition projects so you can move forward with plans for future developments. Our goal is to safely and successfully carry out small and large jobs for Perth and the surrounding areas. If you need an experienced team to help you out with demolition or salvageable material, give us a call today

Safety is our top priority on any demolition we undertake. With more than 40 years of experience, we know how to keep our crew and the public safe during this process. From stringent preventative measures to proper procedures in case of emergencies, we make sure nothing is overlooked.

Brajkovich Demolition holds a restricted Asbestos removal license and have pioneered asbestos removal, carrying out large scale removal jobs since the 1990's. We are able to offer a comprehensive, quality service usually at a more competitive price.

Through our landfill we partner with many unrestricted Asbestos Removalists to provide all types of Asbestos removal. 

We keep Asbestos removal and soil contamination costs down due to being Perth's only demolition contractor with its own landfill and recycling facilities.

Our asbestos division operates teams of highly trained personnel and is dedicated to safe working practices. Through rigorous training and comprehensive management systems, we pride ourselves on the strength of our personnel and the ability of our supervisors to provide a succinct and safe approach to working in this high-risk line of work. 

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