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Who We Are

BHM Geotechnical is a full-service engineering, geotechnical and environmental firm. BHM was established to meet the industry demand for efficient, cost considerate routine assessments, whilst also being able to offer highly technical analysis and comprehensive solutions to complex challenges. We aim to provide improved clarity for our clients in the delivery and management of every geotechnical and environmental assessment throughout the project timeline.

In addition to this, we utilise advanced capabilities that constantly push the limits of the technological envelope. We employ highly sophisticated software combined with cloud infrastructure to run computationally expensive numerical models to gauge the most accurate understanding possible. This enables us to develop innovative solutions to challenging problems, which optimise designs and minimise costs. Rather than accepting the limits of traditional solutions or technology, we think about what is possible.

Our work is only as good as the people behind it. Our staff are the core of our business, enabling the capabilities that we offer to our clients. To ensure that we attract and partner with the most talented and capable people, we screen our candidate applications stringently, through a rigorous process to ensure that only the most talented applicants work with us. We invest heavily in the continuous professional development of our engineers.

Our clients include government and private sector organisations and individuals from across the globe. We know our clients count on us to solve the most challenging problems they face, which is why we are passionately committed to providing the most efficient, cost-effective solutions, every time.

Our Services


  1. 2D and 3D complex geotechnical modelling and analysis for validating and solving challenging problems.
  2. Bearing Capacity Assessment – DCP/PSP
  3. Foundation Assessment
  4. Trench Stability Assessment
  5. Hydraulic Conductivity


  1. Waste classifications (GSW, ENM, VENM)
  2. reliminary site contamination investigations
  3. Detailed site contamination investigations
  4. Remedial action plans
  5. Validation assessments

Our Capabilities

Geotechnical Bearing Capacity

In the context of geotechnical engineering, bearing capacity is a reference to the available load-bearing capacity available to support an applied load while staying within specified settlement constraints. Bearing capacity is defined as the pressure which would cause the shear failure of the supporting soil immediately below and adjacent to a foundation. In geotechnical engineering, the property of bearing capacity arises through a combination of the properties of the foundation material 

Geotechnical Investigation

An Adequate ground investigation is an essential preliminary to the execution of a civil engineering project. Sufficient information must be obtained to enable a safe and economic design to be made and to avoid any difficulties during construction. The principal objects of the investigation are:

-Determine the sequence, thickness and lateral extent of the soil strata and, where appropriate, the level of bedrock;

-Obtain representative samples of the soils and rock for identification and classification, and, if necessary, for use in laboratory tests to determine relevant engineering parameters;


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  • 727 Collins Street, Docklands Melbourne, VIC 3008, Australia
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