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An experienced operator and equipment for all aspects of land, forest and vegetation clearing using the latest environmentally specialised machinery. We service domestic, rural and commercial clients in all areas at a competitive price. Come to expect exceptional service and quality work from your local land clearing specialist.

Our equipment clears land, trees and brush with limited disturbance to soil or desirable vegetation. The remaining mulch can be left on the ground, which in turn acts as an erosion barrier while returning nutrients back into the soil through decomposition. Over time, grass will naturally grow through the mulch. This can be maintained with mowing.

In comparison, traditional land clearing methods often present an increased risk of erosion. Pushing over trees can substantially disturb soils and leave unsightly stumps and roots. Burning to dispose introduced increased carbon-footprint as it will release carbon dioxide and pollutants into the air.

Minerlised Mulching is the faster and more eco-friendly way of clearing all types of vegetation by putting all the nutrients back into the earth. Vegetation management and land clearing with a mulcher can dramatically improve soil productivity, conserve moisture in the ground and reduce weed regrowth. It is also a much cheaper and faster than traditional land clearing methods such as bulldozing and burning.

The purpose of Mineralised Mulching is to mimic the natural process of fallen leaves and branches rotting on the forest floor. It then protects the solid from erosion. This encourages new growth, helps retain moisture in the soil, and fights erosion.

When employed for forestry maintenance Mineralised Mulching also improves the health of the forest, make it easier to navigate and reduces the risk of wildfires.

Wet Hire Equipment

Hydraulic Driven Mulching Head (PT-300)

• FAE hydraulic driven head is designed for mulching, shredding and crushing and operation in extreme conditions, on soft ground and steep slopes

• The FAE PT-300 is the ideal tracked carrier for the most difficult tasks, whether managing woods and forests or creating firebreaks near electrical lines, oil and gas pipelines

• The high-power CAT C7.1 Acert straight-six engine with low operating weight makes it possible to work on steep slopes and soft ground

• The hydraulic system guarantees reliability and efficiency


Hydraulic Driven Mulching Head (PT-475)

• The FAE PT-475 is the perfect tracked carrier for major work in wooded areas and forests or along oil and gas pipelines.

• The sturdy construction with oscillating undercarriage can be equipped with forestry mulchers, stump cutters or the SFH/PM multitask head for crushing stone and tilling soil.

• The amazing power of the CAT C13 Acert straight-six engine lets you work on soft, uneven and swampy ground.

• The hydraulic system guarantees reliability and efficiency.


• Mulching back to Mineral

• Forestry Maintenance and Mulching

• Forestry Tilling and Soil Conditioning

• Fire Mitigation and Protection

• Power Lines, Oil and Gas Maintenance

• Roadside and Railway Vegetation Maintenance

• Plantation Management

• Canals, Rivers and Ponds Overgrowth Cleanup

• Environmental Wildlife Habitat Protection

• Orchard and Vineyard Maintenance and Restoration

• Excavation

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