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Athelpen and Puuch Operation Pty Ltd

Laura Basin, QLD 4892


Athelpen & Puuch Operations Pty Ltd is a 100 % homegrown Australian company. The company has a proven track record of having successfully facilitated and executed projects in local and remote areas. With this project history and the capabilities of their partners, Athelpen & Puuch Operations has the systems, finance and people to get any projects done anywhere throughout Cape York & Torres Straits. This is done while engaging with local communities and helping with indigenous businesses.

?Their aspiration is getting the local adults into work and believe it will help in financial independence to provide for their family’s livelihood and better future as well. This will also contribute to local and regional economic growth. Their team at Athelpen & Puuch Operations believe it is the key to creating jobs and employment for more local and regional Indigenous communities. 

Semi Water Tanker

  • Padfoot
  • Smooth drum Rollers
  • Front End Loader
  • Grade
  • Excavator


Athelpen & Puuch Operations Pty Ltd is equipped to supply & deliver construction equipment to remote and regional locations on wet or dry hire as well. Their business is structured on a scalable framework, with rosters of skilled staff available to begin projects on short notice. They employ from the local region with respect to IEOP and QIPP wherever possible, and as a locally owned and operated company they aim for high levels of Indigenous staff, upskilling and training. 


  • Residential construction services
  • Mobilization / Demobilization
  • Commercial construction services
  • Road Formation Work / Maintenance Grading
  • Remodelling services
  • Bulk EarthWorks

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  • 403 Amban Lane, Aurukun QLD, Australia

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"Highly recommend very professional and efficient."

2 years ago

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