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Artstone has been recognized as one of the most skilled and specialized company's in the grinding and polishing industry. Our company possesses a devoted team of experienced employees that hold significantly high level of capabilities and knowledge to accomplish any desirable tasks, whether it would be small or big.

We have always delighted ourselves on quality work, dependability and competitiveness to ensure that all parties involved within the project are satisfied with the outcome at the end. At all times we clarify to our clients the steps of the job involved when restoring the surface to its original shine or state in a cost effective and satisfying manner.

Polished Concrete Floors 

At ARTSTONE we have innovated the Superfloor method based on our own knowledge and practices in polished concrete throughout the years. This particularly distinctive flooring system without a fail transforms your existing or new concrete floor into an exceedingly abrasive resistant, smooth and visually pleasing polished concrete floor.

Superfloor is not just a surface coating or a floor covering merchandise, it is in fact a process of mechanical grinding, treating and polishing the concrete floor surface using superior expertise. Our client usually choose the level of gloss they require pr desire from our varied honed satin, semi-gloss or high gloss which usually produces a mirror like finish.

Customarily, concrete floors usually exposed to overlayments throughout the years. Overlayment is hte process when the floor has been covered by a number of different floor coverings, surface coatings and sealers. Usually the life-span of overlayment process tends to induce pricey installation, constant maintenance and eventual replacement costs.

Superfloor considerably decreases the necessity for overlayments by converting the authentic accessible into an economical, hard-wearing and low maintenance finished surface which is capable to endure the thoughest of traffic whilst producing stunning visual appeal daily.

The equipment we use when performing our job particulary in reference for Stone and Terrazzo grinding is invented in Italy. Those tools have been considered as top of the range around the globe especially providing without a fail a flat, highly polished and beautiful finished floors.

Our Highlighed Flooring Services

  • Concrete Grinding Sydney
  • Concrete Polishing Sydney
  • Marble Floor Grinding Sydney
  • Terrazzo Flooring Sydney
  • Concrete Grinding Fixing and Repairs
  • Glue Epoxy Removal
  • Floor Leveling
  • Adhesive/Glue Removal
  • Paint and Epoxy Coating Removal
  • Lippage Removal
  • Surface Preparation
  • Grind Exposed Driveways/Patios
  • Removal of Cover-Crete/Spray-Crete
  • Rectifying and Repair or Rain Damaged Concrete Slabs
  • Topping Removal
  • Vinyl Removal
  • Ceramic Tile Removal
  • Direct Stick Carpet Removal
  • Removal of Concrete High Spots
  • Specialise in grinding, polishing, honing, buffing, sealing, etc.
  • Epoxy Floor Coating Sydney
  • Floor Topping Contractors Sydney


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