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Aquasearch Drilling Contractors

Greenvale, VIC 3059


Aquasearch Drilling Specialises in Limited Access Sites, Our equipment is small but powerful enough to drill in most areas.

Aquasearch Drilling specialises in Water Bores. Our drilling rig is mounted on a tandem trailer ideally suited for limited access sites. The drilling process is carried out by our fully licensed Class 2 driller who has extensive local knowledge of the Geology in & around Melbourne. We can organise the whole process from lodging the Bore Construction Licence, drilling the bore, & pump installation.


Aquasearch Drilling provides a complete service from start to finish including the following: â?¢Drilling of Bore and installation of casing

â?¢Install stainless steel submersible pump and motor â?¢Electrical connections completed by licensed electricians

At Aquasearch, we offer an efficient friendly service. The work is carried out in a timely and cost effective manner, with safety being the Key Issue. No Injuries to date.

We provide the following services:

â?¢Water Bores for Domestic, Stock and Commercial Irrigation â?¢Geotechnical Drilling â?¢Environmental Drilling â?¢Site Investigation â?¢Rotary Mud and Rotary Air Drilling â?¢Geothermal Drilling and Grouting

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