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Apex Vac Solutions

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14 Bonnin Street, Reynella, SA 5161

Overview of Apex Vac Solutions

With years of experience, newest equipment and professional employees, we provide the highest level of service in all aspects of Hydro Excavation Services including pot holing, trenching, debris removal, exposing utilities and many more. The new technology of our vacuum units are of the highest level, and that allows us to work faster and safer with MINIMAL impact on the enviroment

What we do

With our team of experienced professionals we provide multiple services to our clients around the country. Our professional team will deliver high-tech services to help clients with every step they take.

Our mission

To provide innovative, efficient, precise and safe hydro excavation services at competitive prices. Our mission is to complete every job without harm, in an affordable, fun environment with minimal impact on nature. We value our customers, so we give our customers value.

Services offered by Apex Vac Solutions

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