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Allied Concrete Cutting & Drilling Pty Ltd

Brendale, QLD 4500


The Company was established in 2005 when owner Phil McIntosh recognised a Niche market for professional operators dedicated to the Construction Industry. Today the business has 14+ experienced operators servicing the Queensland Construction Industry .

Allied follow a simple formula: professional, safe and reliable tradesman utilising the best quality equipment to produce outstanding workmanship and overall excellence.


ALLIED Concrete Cutting & Drilling Pty Ltd
The Construction Industry's Concrete Cutters

Joined in a partnering relationship.

Our point of difference? Put simply, the team at Allied refuse to lower our standards to compete with those who refuse to lift theirs. We believe in taking the road less travelled by our competition, by finding better ways of doing business to set a new standard of excellence for the concrete cutting, core drilling and joint sealing (caulking) trade.

Allied recognise two important things that so far, our competitors have not:

1. Being a partner means making genuine commitments. Allied are the 1st concrete cutting, core drilling & joint sealing business prepared to put our money where our mouth is, commit to our clients and back our Team by guaranteeing our service and workmanship*.

*Allied's Diamond Guarantee covers 1. Responsiveness & Availability 2. Clean Up 3. Accuracy & Precision. 4. Professional Operators that work FOR & on behalf of YOUR Team. 5. Safety

2. Actions speak louder than words. Being a partner means acting like one. Allied run a Partner Program which aims to understand and address our clients needs as well as our own needs, which after all is what a good partner does.

In our line of work, there are no "do-overs" which is why it's so important to choose the right Company at the outset. You need a partner.

When you partner with Allied, it's our job to make sure you
* Enjoy perfect PROJECT FINISH
* Build & maintain your REPUTATION & SUCCESS in the Industry.

Every year Allied invests significant capital back into the Business in response to the changing needs of the construction industry.

Major investments include:

1. Field Management software "Verizon Connect" (formerly "connect2field) to simplify & streamline internal business and field service processes, collect important client data & measure field performance. The software allows for:
* Instantaneous and accurate communication between dispatch, our field staff, our accounts department and our clients.
* Consistent service delivery
* Feedback on our business to ensure continuous improvement and innovation.

2. Operator training to exceed current standards & qualifications required of Concrete Cutting, Drilling & Joint Sealing operations.

3. Business Coaching. The coaching teaches us how to reclaim our time to enable us to work ON our business instead of IN it ensuring you receive the best possible customer service experience.

4. Staff Conditions - registered Enterprise Agreement and a staff KPI & incentive program.

5. Safety!

For us, the proof is in the pudding. Allied has doubled the size of our business in 2 yrs by becoming experts in our niche market of medium to large scale construction project rather than trying to be all things to all people.

We're proud to say that our loyal, supportive, satisfied client base include the likes of:

Brisbane City Council - 10 year supplier contract
Department of Transport & Main Roads (Roadtek)
*Gold Coast

We invite and encourage you to visit our website www.alliedconcretecutting.com.au which has some good information about the history of our business, the clients and projects we've been involved with and the services we offer our clients. Also available on request are the following:
- Full Capability Statement
- Details of our Partner Program
- Our written Guarantee
- Enterprise Agreement
- Insurances
- Health & Safety Management Plan
- Building code compliance.
- Price list

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your project and how we may assist you achieve results

Best Regards
Phil McIntosh & the Team at Allied Concrete Cutting & Drilling


  • Concrete repairs to joints and any damaged concrete
  • Joint sealing (caulking) of sawn joints and ableflex joints
  • Floor sawing using diesel and electric equipment for the cutting of asphalt and concrete
  • Handsawing using petrol and electric saws to a depth of 400mm
  • Wiresawing
  • Track mounted wall and wire sawing to almost any depth or thickness
  • Safety grooving of roads and runway
  • Street sweeping of roads and building sites
  • Trip Hazard & Footpath Grinding
  • Early entry cutting of green concrete to 100mm deep using the Soffcut system
  • Core drilling of walls and floors up to 1metre diameter and almost any depth
  • Concrete grinding for trip hazard removal
  • Concrete grinding to give your slab a polished and exposed look
  • Vacuum excavation for potholing and locating services as well as slurry clean-up
  • Concrete Scanning (X-Ray) for services and reinforcing location
  • Bevelling of concrete joints
  • Jackhammers for demolition
  • Wet Hire
  • Traffic Loops

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