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8 Hopper Avenue, Ormeau QLD

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See some of the benefits of our track mounted AIR VAC EXCAVATION units.



  • Dry and safe working environment as there is no slurry generated as air is used instead of water.
  • Exposes services safely by utilising air and suction.
  • Operated with a wireless remote control creating a clear view for operators while tracking unit which also minimises people/plant interaction.
  • Open excavations can be backfilled immediately after a service is positively identified.
  • A compact tracked machine perfect for tight areas. This unit can get to areas that some trucks cannot access.
  • The unit can be transported on a trailer behind a ute or truck when moving between jobs. 
  • Minimise risk of damage to existing services by eliminating mechanical excavation.
  • No project downtime or costly delays due to service strike incidents and repairs.
  • Dry excavation for employees to work in.  
  • Minimise risk of water ingress and cable damage when exposing electrical cable joints.    


  • No water required - No slurry created.
  • Excavated material can be reused on-site rather than exported to waste disposal sites.
  • Dust is mitigated in dry areas by utilising a debris skirt which will contain 99% of the debris at the point of excavation.
  • Cross-contamination of material from different excavations can be avoided as dry excavated material can be tipped adjacent to the excavation that it was excavated from.   


  • No downtime for disposal of excavated material off-site.  
  • The Vacuum unit is capable of handling all types of medium, dry and wet ground and can absorb large rocks and/or boulders.
  • No requirement to import backfill material as excavated material can be used. 
  • Minimise traffic control requirements and keep the project footprint small as this unit can fit on most footpaths while still maintaining pedestrian access.  
  • The unit can be transported and used by civil crews as required. No requirement to have an additional truck on site with hydro excavation only capabilities.


  • No slurry disposal fees.
  • No visits to waste disposal sites. Less travelling means less fuel consumed. 
  • Reduce labour costs on-site, this unit can eliminate labour intensive, costly, and time-consuming hand digging on site. 
  • No water costs or downtime to fill the unit up with water. 
  • No requirement to build turkey nests for drying out of slurry material associated with hydro excavation. 

Services offered by Allconstruct

Plant hire

Advanced heavy-duty equipment and machinery enable us to cater to a wide range of private, government, and resource sector infrastructure projects in regional Australia. Low mobilization costs are a key feature of our plant hire services. We have our equipment and machinery located in rural Queensland ready for instant deployment. All assets are thoroughly and regularly inspected in line with industry safety regulations.

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