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Welcome to AJ Water

AJ Water is a Tasmanian family owned business who are committed to offering a prompt and professional service to all new and existing clients.

AJ Water has a talented and highly skilled workforce and employs 23 staff within Tasmania. We use the latest technology along with industry best practices to ensure a high level of customer service is delivered at the best possible rates.

AJ Water in specialises in domestic, commercial and civil plumbing and offer the following services:

Underground Service Location

Slab Scanning

Ground Penetrating Radar

Mechanical Excavation

Vacuum & Non-Destructive Excavation

Water Leak Detection

Traffic Management

No-dig Internal Pipe Repairs

CCTV Pipe Inspections

Water Flow Testing

Backflow Prevention Testing

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR has the ability to detect both metallic and non-metallic pipes and cables. This allows for a comprehensive underground picture and reduces the risk of missing any unknown underground assets that may not have been marked when using traditional locating methods, especially when buried beneath hard stand areas such as concrete slabs.

Examples of detectable services using Ground Penetrating Radar technology include:

PVC and Poly Water Pipes

Underground Tanks

Empty Ducts


Buried Concrete Slabs

Underground voids or disturbances and Underground Utilities (non-metallic services)

AJ Water can use the Ground Penetrating Radar as a standalone device or in conjunction with our conventional locating devices in order to meet our customers needs.

Concrete Slab Scans

AJ Water use The Noggin 1000MHz GPR which is essential for shallow applications such as concrete inspection where resolution is critical. It has a centre frequency of 1000 MHz; this allows us to zone in on depths from 0 – 500mm. It can help with the location of rebar, post-tension cables and also depths of concrete slabs.

Pipe & Cable Locating Service

AJ Water has over 10 years’ experience in pipe and cable locating. No matter how big or small your project is we can help. Pipes and cables can be broken through using machinery or even using a shovel; such breakages of pipes and cables can be expensive to repair. For a minimal fee we can locate all your services. Before conducting onsite cable locations, we will gain all relevant documentation and plans from Dial before you Dig (1100).

We service both residential and commercial customers as well as councils, civil contractors, builders, plumbers, electricians, landscapers and everyday householders.

The team at AJ Water consists of 7 qualified plant locators and we are NULCA Accredited. Infrastructure that can be located with the latest model locators are as follows:


Aurora (Power)







  • Ground Penetrating Radar

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