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Advance Sweepers is the largest street sweeper company in regional NSW. Founded in 2009, our specialisation has never changed.
Led by the company’s founders James Reid and Annette Reid, now Managing Director and Senior Director Accounts respectively. James is a trade-qualified mechanic with substantial managerial and personal sweeper operating experience in direct support to Council. Both possess significant business management experience prior to establishing and growing Advance Sweepers.

We are uniquely placed within our market as we are specialised sweeper services providers with extensive experience in all aspects of sweeper services. We do not operate a generalised fleet of plant. All Advance Sweepers members develop significant understanding of sweepers operations and aspects of maintenance, planning, compliance and supply chain support.
We have a sustainable business model and a large fleet to provide sustainable reliable support in any location.

Our fleet comprises Bucher Municipal, MacDonald Johnston, Schwarze and Tennant sweepers, the indisputable world leaders in industrial sweepers manufacture and support.

Specialists in emergency situations. Experienced operating in diverse workplaces. Advance Sweepers has a modern fleet, locally maintained and supported at our Head Office in Gateshead.

We are available 24 hours a day to provide innovative and environmentally sound industrial sweeping solutions to meet our customers’ toughest cleaning and compliance challenges.


Advanced outcomes founded on decades of experience and knowledge are delivered by working with you. Advance Sweepers can advise on all your sweeping needs from planning and compliance to debris disposal. We provide solutions allowing greater efficiencies to roading, line-marking and spray seal crews, for site clean-ups, industrial, commercial, construction, utilities, rail, maritime, aviation and mining industries and many niche manufacturers and suppliers.

We are an environmental company. Our continued goal is to reduce or restrict environmentally damaging substances by removing dirt, dust, and debris from surfaces right down to 0.5 micron size particles.
What we do with it once we have it is environmentally friendly too. Our combined experience and knowledge have built our specialised business processes and practices. We will know your waste and how to categorise it, how to treat and transport it and how to manage and report it. All toward complying with legislation and protecting our environment.

Advance Sweepers takes pollutant removal seriously. Eliminating fugitive dust from construction and industrial processes and removing toxic pollutants from surfaces reduces stormwater runoff pollution and provides tangible benefits like:
Economic savings
sweeping services cost significantly less compared to end-of-pipe solutions
Environmental savings
when it rains toxic pollutant load in waterways damage our drinking water, marine environment and harm our important natural environment.

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  • 11 Nevin Close, Gateshead NSW, Australia

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"Great service, reliable and on time."

3 months ago
John Shaw

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