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What is a Line Marking?

We have a wide range of Brisbane line marking and line hire suppliers on the iSeekplant database, meaning you can quickly and easily find contractors, equipment and more, wherever you are in Australia.

Line Marking Suppliers

Line marking involves using a device on the road, parking lot or construction site to convey information. There are a number of Melbourne line marking suppliers available to choose from, so you can provide information and guidance to pedestrians and drivers.

Line marking can be either temporary, non-mechanical or mechanical, and can be used to make traffic lanes, inform pedestrians or motorists of hazards or no-passing zones, generate noise when they run across the road, and even wake drivers who are nodding off when the lines are running along the shoulder of a road. Line marking can also indicate whether drivers can stop or park in a certain area, or if a certain park is for disabled or pregnant motorists.

Line marking suppliers in Perth can also provide markings for sports courts, factory or warehouse safety lines, school playground and athletic tracks.

Line marking machines come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. From small, pushable machines that use the movement of the wheels to maintain pressure for the paint, or massive line marking machines that use a hydraulic system to spray the paint, along with a camera that extends from the truck so the driver can ensure that the line is straight and the machine is still spraying.

For projects requiring just a few lines, a small, pushable machine may be adequate, while large road projects can often require a machine that can be attached to a truck or trailer.

Line Hire Suppliers

Your project may include permanent road marking, which could be just a few lines in a car park or a long stretch of motorway. Permanent lines can be either painted on or applied with the newer kind of markings which are actually marking tapes - a good alternative to thermoplastic or paint and able to be laid under many different weather conditions. Using marking tapes also ensures a faster job, since there is no need for complicated preparation or primer.

Plastic permanent line tapes are a good option for drivers as well, since the reflective technology makes it easier to see the lines in wet conditions and while driving at night.

Temporary line marking is both easy to apply and easily removed, and highly visible in all weather conditions. This is ideal for temporary events, and newer technology has ensured that Newcastle line hire suppliers can offer tape which comes off in one piece when it’s time for removal.

Raised pavement markers are also sometimes used as line markers, and will often contain a highly reflective lens which is micro-prismatic. The raised, reflecting stud is coated in abrasion-resistant ceramic, delivering outstanding durability and impact resistance.

For Darwin line hire suppliers, the iSeekplant team can help you find the best option for your next project. Browse the database or get in touch for expert advice on the best line hire suppliers for your next project.

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