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What is a Grease Trap Cleaning?

Australian businesses who require grease trap cleaning services can compare contractors and secure a great price when they search through iSeekplant. We are a leading search facility and comparison site for the industrial services, including specialist cleaning and waste disposal services. Save yourself time, money and stress when it comes to finding and hiring grease trap cleaning contractors - contact iSeekplant and let us do the hard work for you.

What is a grease trap?

A grease trap is a device that does just what it claims to. It traps grease and oil produced by certain commercial and industrial processes, and it prevents them from getting into the water or sewage system. They are essential in places where a lot of grease might enter the wastewater system - such as in restaurants and catering facilities.

The 'trap' is actually a bend in the plumbing, which drains off the floating oil and grease while allowing the water to keep flowing through. The collected grease is diverted to a storage device, which can be anything from a small box under the sink to a large underground chamber.

Why is grease trap cleaning so important?

In order to prevent any problems, such as a build-up of grease or spillage into the environment, the trap needs to be regularly emptied and cleaned by a qualified professional. Commercial grease trap cleaning requires the right equipment and knowledge if it is to be done safely. Do not attempt to clean your own grease traps! You risk injury, and there is a good chance that hazardous grease will get into the surrounding environment.

Grease is bad for sewage and drainage systems. It causes significant blockages if it is allowed to build up, which can lead to leaks of untreated sewage. Even if the grease reaches the trap successfully, neglecting to empty and clean it can cause the tank to be overwhelmed. This can also lead to leaks and spills.

How often do you need to clean a grease trap?

The amount of time between grease trap cleaning depends on the size and use of the septic tank or storage chamber, and on the amount of grease that is produced each day. For some kinds of businesses, such as restaurants, hundreds of kilos of grease can be produced each year, so weekly or even daily cleaning is a must. For smaller catering operations, such as company canteens, weekly to monthly might be more appropriate.

It is essential that you do not wait until the trap is full before calling in the professionals. A full tank is dangerous, and you run the risk of breaching the chamber. Plus, the grease itself will be slowly rotting inside the tank - and releasing dangerous gases in the process. Reduce any risk to human health with a regular grease trap cleaning schedule by a trusted specialist company.

Grease trap cleaning services Australia-wide 

Through the iSeekplant search facility, you can find and compare contractors offering a grease trap cleaning service to your local area. Our network of professional waste disposal contractors covers the whole of Australia. Wherever you are based, we can help you find the right local team to come and deal with your grease trap cleaning needs. Compare based on price, quality, location and services with our unique industry search services.

Commercial grease trap cleaning: who needs it?

As previously stated, commercial grease trap cleaning is most often associated with the food industries: restaurants, catering facilities, and food manufacturing. However, any commercial premises with sinks, into which grease and oil might mix with waste water, should consider a grease trap. This includes workshops, schools and hospitals, retailers and warehouses. Any business with food preparation areas, canteen kitchens, and cleaning areas needs to fit grease traps, and have them cleaned out regularly.

Grease collection and disposal teams can handle a range of different types of traps, including underground grease storage bunkers, grease traps contained underneath sinks, and grease recycling devices. While many grease recycling traps do not require such regular emptying, a thorough clean and inspection every so often is still essential.

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Grease Trap Cleaning Hire Rates

Grease trap cleaning price

The grease trap cleaning price you can expect to pay will vary between companies, so it is important to compare the quotes on offer. Don't look for the cheapest as this can provide false value. Instead, look for the most competitive and comprehensive of the bunch, so you get great value for your money.

Don't leave grease trap cleaning to chance, or risk trying to do it yourself. Call in the experts, with the knowledge and the equipment to do a fantastic job every time. Look after your grease traps, protect your workers and your customers, and take care of the environment as well. Arrange regular grease trap cleaning right now!

Searching through contractors to find the right one can be time-consuming and stressful. Instead, call iSeekplant on 1300 691 912 to speak to our team. Let us do the hard work for you. We can compare suppliers on your behalf, based on your requirements, and show you the very best choices for you and your company.

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Search thousands of Grease Trap Cleaning Hire Suppliers

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