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Finding a grader for your project has never been easier with iseekplant. Whether you’re looking for grader hire in Townsville or anywhere else in Australia, you’re sure to find the right grader for your project, fast! But how do you know if you’re getting the most cost-effective grader for your project that won’t cost more in the long run? We’ve got your questions answered.

When considering the difference between the most expensive and cheapest grader to rent in Townsville, it's important to think about the reasons why the cheapest grader rate is low and how that could affect your project's success. Occasionally, Australian grader hire prices may vary within a 20% to 40% range.

There are four ways a grader rental company can offer dramatic savings, but some of these can have associated risks to your project. These reasons include:

  • The company owns the grader outright with very little overhead cost in debt.
  • The grader is maintained cheaply or upkeep is completed at a low-cost.
  • The grader operator is less experienced, and therefore inexpensive.
  • The grader rental supplier is not making a profit.

To avoid these implications, here are some critical questions to ask the grader hire company in Townsville:

  • Is the grader owned outright? If so, then ask for the age of the grader. Then ask yourself the question, does an old machine present any risks to my project?
  • Does the grader hire company keep maintenance records and does the grader appear to be in a good condition?
  • How experienced is the operator and how long has this operator been driving a grader?
  • If the company is not making a profit from the grader hire, will they be able to continue work on my project until completion, or will they drop-out and I'll suffer expensive down-time?

Calculation For Grader Hire Operator Competency

For this example, we have an earthworks project that entails building a road in Townsville that requires a water cart, roller, grade checker, along with multiple truck and dogs that supply gravel.

  • Water cart hire = $90 per hour
  • Roller hire with an operator = $70 per hour
  • Grade checker = $35 per hour
  • Gravel supply truck hire = Cost depends on contract type

We are considering two Townsville-based grader rental companies for a wet hire earthworks project, however one company is $30 cheaper per hour than the other. The expensive grader will cost an extra $300 per day and the sell rate for gravel to the client is $110 per m3 trimmed and compacted. However, if the expensive grader comes with a highly skilled and experienced operator, then the operator only needs to be able to place two extra ‘truck and dogs’ worth of gravel each day (extra 30m3) to make you a considerable profit. To put this into perspective, that’s 30m3 x $110 per m3. This equals $3,300 additional revenue per day for an extra cost of $300 per day in grader hire.

Grader Breakdown Costs

Let’s consider the costs if the grader is unreliable. If a grader breaks down, then the entire project may come to a stop. Grader breakdowns are not the quickest incidents to recover from. Depending on the severity of the breakdown, it can often take two days or more. This dramatically affects the project as the rest of the crew would need to be stood down and reallocated to other areas, therefore the project suffers a blowout. The hourly cost of the crew would be around $300 to $400 extra if you endure the breakdown. So when it comes to hiring a grader for your next project in Townsville, consider reliability and quality as being the most important factors.

If you require any further information on grader hire in Townsville, call the iseekplant team on 1300 691 912 or email

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