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Gabion Retaining Wall Contractors in Mount Magnet

A gabion retaining wall is a great solution when you are trying to contain erosion or stabilise a slope on your property. They can also help improve the appearance of an area while reducing the pitch of its slope. You can also find different colour stones, or if you want, you can even customise it to match the other elements available in your backyard or garden.

Find gabion retaining walls in Mount Magnet for your home backyard projects at iseekplant. We have a nationwide network of gabion retaining wall companies listed on our marketplace so you can find a supplier near you. Find gabion retaining wall services in Mount Magnet now by using our get a quote tool, or you can check out our listings of gabion retaining walls contractors in Mount Magnet above.

Steps to Build A Gabion Retaining Wall

1. Begin with measurements Measure how big your gabion retaining wall will be. Take note of the length, width, and height because these are the details you will need to buy the right materials. 2. Buy the materials Now that you have the measurements listed down, the next step is to buy what you need. Remember that there are many types of materials with different designs, shapes, and sizes you can use for your gabion retaining wall. For rock filling for your cages, make sure to calculate the volume of the wall because they are usually sold by cubic meters. Also, always make sure that the stones you are buying are larger than the holes of the basket you will be using. 3. Prepare the ground Make sure that the ground you will be building the retaining wall on is flat and sturdy. 4. Place the cages and start filling Remember to tie the gabion baskets together with steel wires to make sure that they stay flush.

DIY too difficult? Hire a professional to do it for you!

Hire gabion retaining wall services in Mount Magnet at iseekplant!

Here at iseekplant, you can use our get a quote tool to find suitable gabion retaining wall contractors in Mount Magnet. If you can’t find a suitable supplier near you, try searching in Meekatharra, Leinster, Geraldton, Leonora or Swan. Our suppliers also provide related services you might be interested in, such as Boulder Retaining Walls, Retaining Wall Builders and Block Retaining Walls.

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