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Forklifts Hire in Perth, WA 6000

Latest news in Perth, WA

31st January 2019

A step-by-step guide to building a retaining wall

 Steps to build a retaining wall: Know the lay of the land - contact Dial Before You Dig Draft your wall design Finalise plans and mark out area Excavate area and trench Lay and compact road base Lay steel bar grid/mesh and set up wooden forms Pour footing - lay cement and sand mix Screed and level the cement/sand mix Lay first row of bricks Fill first layer of bricks with blue metal aggregate Optional - Install drainage pipe Lay remaining layers of bricks Remove lugs from top layer Install caps Allow everything to dry

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22nd October 2018

Major WA energy project to deliver 1,000 construction jobs!

Kwinana, south of Perth, looks to thrive on a massive job boost created by a $668m, state-of-the-art, waste-to-energy project.

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12th October 2018

WA’s $390m Wellington Water Project makes steady progress

The $390 million Myalup-Wellington Water Project is on track with $190 million worth ($140m with a $50m loan) of Federal funding alongside private funding from local businesses.

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Discover the Nearest Fork Lifts for Hire in Perth

Browse through a huge selection of fork lifts in Perth for hire in one convenient place at iSeekplant! We’re here to completely eradicate any and all stress and hassle that can accompany searching for top-quality rental equipment for your construction project. Instead of having to visit multiple websites to first see whether they actually have what you’re after, and then comparing the different pricing and hiring terms, everything’s done in one place. All you have to do is input where you’re located and what machinery it is you’re looking for, and you’re served a full selection of options.

Each of the options is complete with information including their precise location, size of their fleet, rate requests, and contact information. From there you can speak with them and make an informed decision.

Hire the right fork lifts for the job at hand

There are a number of different types of fork lifts out there, but not all will be suited to what you need them for. What’s the range of capacity you’ll need? Does the project you’re involved in require one, or will you need more? What’s the kind of environment it needs to be able to work in? The answers to each of these questions and more will allow you to determine precisely what it is you require.

Whatever type of machine you need; you’re bound to find a choice of suppliers providing it when you use the iSeekplant search function. The suppliers in Perth have a number of fork lifts readily available for hire, including diesel, electric and gas/petrol in a number of different load capacities.

Take care of the fork hire yourself or we can do it for you

You’re free to undertake the search and contacting of suppliers yourself if you’d prefer. There’s also the option to have three of the most relevant get in touch with you for quotations.

Or simply call 1300 691 912, explain your needs to our team, and leave the rest to us. You can alternatively send us an email at

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