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31st January 2019

A step-by-step guide to building a retaining wall

 Steps to build a retaining wall: Know the lay of the land - contact Dial Before You Dig Draft your wall design Finalise plans and mark out area Excavate area and trench Lay and compact road base Lay steel bar grid/mesh and set up wooden forms Pour footing - lay cement and sand mix Screed and level the cement/sand mix Lay first row of bricks Fill first layer of bricks with blue metal aggregate Optional - Install drainage pipe Lay remaining layers of bricks Remove lugs from top layer Install caps Allow everything to dry

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13th February 2019

How To Dig A Trench

Steps to dig a trench: Know the lay of the land (Call Dial Before You Dig) Create a plan Organise machines and any missing equipment Begin trenching Remove dips and humps Clean up site Install cabling, pipes or drainage

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15th July 2019

What is a Forklift?

A forklift is a heavy-duty powered vehicle that is used to lift and move materials over short distances. Forklifts were invented in 1906, and have been used on sites around the world, where they’ve become a staple for most warehouse and factory operations. The machinery is named after their forklike prongs, which slide under a load to pick it up. Forklifts vary in load capacity and power supply, with some powered by LPG gas and petrol, diesel, and even electricity. Forklifts are a small vehicle with a rear-wheel drive and a raisable fork at the front, where cargo and materials can be placed for transport. The ability to vertically lift and lower the forks by the operator is achieved through a lever that controls pressure within the machine’s hydraulic cylinders. On the technical side of things, forklifts are powered by two intertwining mechanisms, hydraulic cylinders and roller chain pulleys, which utilise pressure to raise and lower cargo on the forks.As different industries have started to use them over the years, forklifts have been customised to carry different materials and traverse different ground materials. Now forklifts are used to move shipping containers and transport construction materials on infrastructure projects as well as their normal warehouse uses. Forklifts for hire are an extremely popular machine, both for wet and dry hire, as their ability to lift and move large quantities and weights of material in small spaces is special to them alone.

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Find the Best Deals On Fork Lift Hire in Darwin

Forklifts, in their many shapes and sizes, are our most commonly searched-for items, in heavy use at warehouses and industrial sites as well as in traditional construction. Such widespread use means it can sometimes be hard to track down the model you need – especially on late notice, or when for you’re only in need of a short term hire. At iSeekplant we’ve made it our business to compile a comprehensive catalog of hire listings, covering any model of forklift. Our website provides a single point of contact for all of Darwin’s suppliers, so you can easily get your hands on the right machinery for your job when you need it.

 The biggest collection of Darwin listings covering every kind of forklift

 It can be frustrating to try and hire a forklift on short notice, as the sheer range of equipment suppliers in Darwin means finding the right kind of forklift is extremely challenging. By combining all of those offerings into our intuitive web interface, iSeekplant can provide you with the best of both worlds, as the largest selection of machinery becomes manageable when you have our search and filtering tools.

Whether you need a zippy, maneuverable electric forklift for your warehouse or a more powerful diesel forklift for the uneven ground of a work site, our database will show you your options plain and simple. You can also search our listings by maximum lift height, load capacity or other specifications to make sure the machine you hire is capable of the work you need from it. And if you aren’t completely sure which model of forklift is the right one for your job you can get in touch with our expert team, and iSeekplant will recommend you some listings which will get your job done.

 Instantly find suitable forklifts in your area of Darwin

One of the key factors in any machinery hire decision will inevitably be how close the supplier is to your business or job site. Hiring from nearby suppliers not only supports the local economy and creates opportunities for long-term business relationships, but there are many situational advantages to doing so: cheaper, faster delivery, lower wait times on mechanical support, and easier access to replacement parts. Locating a supplier near you using iSeekplant takes no effort at all; every supplier’s listing will have an address and map reference right next to it, and you can even sort by “closest first” to make things really straightforward.

iSeekplant looks after thousands of listings from machinery suppliers around the country, with new ones joining us every day. With our unique web interface, we are the only place you need to turn for your equipment hire. Speak with us today to help decide on the machinery you need or to place a listing with us of your own: call 1300 691 912.

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