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Dump Truck Hire in Perth, WA 6000

Articulated Dump Trucks, Site Dumpers, Rigid Read Dump Trucks & Front Tipper Suppliers in Perth & Surrounds, WA

Articulated Dump Trucks, Moxys, Site Dumpers, Front Tippers & Mining Dump Trucks - All available for hire near your job on iSeekplant.

iSeekplant is the largest database of plant and equipment suppliers in Australia, that is free to search and easy to use. We have spent years listing thousands of machines so people can come to our site and search our database, using a raft of easy-to-use tools, designed to help users find the best dump truck for hire as close as possible to Perth.

When mobilising machines to a site, you need to consider proiximity to the project when hiring machines. This is a primary consideraiton - and one of the foundations of our database structure. Search by machine, then you are able to indentify the closer supplier to your project by town, or suburb.

Depending on your specifications - whether you require an articulated dump truck (the most common kind of dump truck requested on iSeekplant and sometimes called a 'Moxy') or something more niche - such as a rigid rear or underground dump truck for a mine, iSeekplant has the right materials handling vehicle for your needs.

Dump Trucks Versus Road Trucks

The distinction we've made on iSeekplant between dump trucks and road truck hire in Perth, such as truck & dogs is the issue of being 'road registered'. Dump trucks in the dump truck category aren't suitable for driving on the road, and are mostly applicable for civil & mining sites. We've also placed many weird and wonderful material carteage vehicles like site dumpers & front tipper suppliers in the Perth area in our dump truck category.

Can't find a supplier? Call us and we'll find three for free.

If you can't find the right supplier on your own, we'll find you several for free. Tell us what you need and we'll send your request out to everyone we know with that machine in your local area. Then, the suppliers come back to you. Its genius! Call us today on 1300 691 912 or email

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