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26th July 2019

What is a dozer?

A dozer short for bulldozer is a continuous tracked tractor with a substantial wide metal plate (blade) that is mounted to the front of the tractor. Dozers are large and powerful tracked machinery and the tracks provide them with ground holding capability and mobility in all kinds of terrains. The torque divider is designed to transform the engine power in order to enhance the dragging capacity. The first dozer was adapted from a farm tractor and was used to plow fields. The first design of the dozer was back in 1923 by a farmer James Cummings and draftsman J. Earl McLeod. Over the years the dozers got bigger and more powerful and the demand grew in the earthmoving industry. Some of the world's biggest brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu and Case started to manufacture the rubber type dozers, while Caterpillar also started to manufacture large rubber tired dozers. These days dozers are commonly used on projects across Australia in both capital cities and regional areas. What is a dozer used for? Due to its power and mobility dozers can be found across a wide range of projects and industries across Australia. This includes sites, mines, quarries, military bases and farms. Commonly a dozer is used to move significant magnitude of soil, sand, debris, obstacles, clear roads and bushes. With the advancement of technology of lasers and GPS, Dozers are being used a lot more to replace graders. What are the different types of dozers? There are 3 different types of dozers that can vary on what they are being used for. The 3 types of dozers available for hire include: Tracked dozer Swamp dozer Wheeled dozer Tracked dozer are the original dozers and are most commonly used across all terrains to excel and complete the job faster. They are commonly used to move sand, soil, debris and other material. The swamp dozers are different to tracked dozers as they have a different size of tracks. They use a wide tracks to ensure the weight of the dozer can be distributed evenly. This makes the swamp dozer perfect to use in a swamp or sandy areas. Wheeled dozers are only used on major quarry and mining work and are commonly mistakes with a front loader even though they are completely different. The wheeled loaders are designed for more speed and maneuverability rather than power. To find out more about what the right dozer for your project is click here Where to hire a dozer across Australia Here at iSeekplant we have a large range of dozer suppliers across all the major cities and regional areas in Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, and Darwin. If you are unsure which size dozer you need for your project or the cost to hiring a dozer get in touch with us on 1300 691 912.

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6th March 2019

A Guide to Bull Dozer Hire Rates: How much should you be paying to hire a dozer?

Dozers would easily be the machines in earthmoving undergoing the most profound transformation in usability in this era of equipment technology. They used to be seen as the massive bulk-earthworks workhorse, but increasingly (when paired with ground-breaking GPS and surveying technology), dozers are being used for detailed earthworks and grading applications.

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2nd July 2019

What is the right dozer for your job?

When you need to hire a dozer there are a few factors you need to consider before calling a hire company. While all dozers do the same basic task, they vary massively in size and the type of projects they work on. Dozers for hire can be found on residential construction, road construction, quarries and mines across Australia. While the actual design and attachments of a dozer for hire rarely change, dozer hire companies often specialise in a type of work or industry.Dozers are a classic construction machine that have been around for over a century. Otherwise known as bulldozers, they were originally built to push large quantities of soil, sand and other materials during construction works. Dozers for hire also often have a ripper attached at the back to loosen densely compacted ground materials. Thanks to advancements in GPS technology dozers are now capable of clearing and grading land accurately as well.If you’re looking for a dozer to hire you probably have some serious materials to move. A dozer, unlike a skid steer loader or front loader, doesn’t have the ability to perform a range of tasks. However, dozers are the best machine for what they do. Dozers are designed to push and pull with immense force over close to any terrain. Below you’ll find two factors that will ultimately help you decide which type and size of dozer you need, making your search both easier and faster.

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Gain Access to the Best Dozer Hire Services in Adelaide

Regardless of the size of your earthmoving project, if you require a dozer to move large quantities of materials, soil or aggregates, then it’s important to get the right version to best suit your needs. If you’re unsure of the size or blade type you’ll require for your dozer, then iSeekplant can help point you in the right direction.

Our comprehensive online database of plant and machinery hire services across Australia has made us a leading authority in the industry. All of the providers listed on our site have been carefully screened to ensure only legitimate and reputable businesses are promoted to our users.

Advantages to rental services in Adelaide looking to grow their business

If you’re a dozer hire provider and are looking to broaden out and reach new target markets, then our directory offers the perfect platform to amplify your reach. Each service is given a profile where they are able to outline all of the services they offer, along with any other relevant information, upcoming promotions, discounts and the like. The more valuable a business’s profile is, the more likely that they’ll be selected by a searching customer.

How you can search for the right dozer hire service

With access to thousands of suppliers all throughout the country, all you have to do is enter in what you’re looking for and your location and our search function will take care of the rest. Alternatively, feel free to let us know what you’re after and we’ll find the 3 top quotes on your behalf. There’s absolutely no obligation on your behalf to contact the suppliers and you remain completely anonymous throughout the entire process.

As we know our own directory better than most, we’ll be in the best position to help you locate exactly what you’re after, at the right price. The best part about our service is the fact that rental suppliers will actually be competing for your business, giving you the most competitive quotes to ensure you choose them. This means you’ll truly be receiving value for money.

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For those who are struggling to locate the most applicable hire service in Adelaide, whether for dozers or otherwise, allows us to assist. Call us on 1300 691 912 and one of our team members will gladly offer any assistance they can.

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