Dozer Hire in Toowoomba

Bulk Earthmoving Suppliers in The Surat Basin

The Surat Basin is an important contributor to the Queensland plant and equipment market - with plenty of civil construction, agricultural and mining projects on the slate in the region for the next five years. As a result - many of the largest plant hire suppliers in Queensland either call Toowoomba home, or have a depot or holding yard in the area to service the growing demand for bulk earthworks suppliers and dozer hire in the area.

Civil Sized & Mine Spec Dozers for Hire

All the biggest and smallest plant hire companies based in Toowoomba, Dalby & Central Western Queensland have listed their fleet of dozers for hire on our site since we launched our platform in 2012. The best suppliers in the area know that they find work and more opportunity by having a presence on iSeekplant. That is because the construction companies currently undertaking massive roadworks projects in the area, all use iSeekplant everyday to find machines they need, both at tender time and during onsite procurement.

We have D3s through to D12s for hire on iSeekplant, with attachments like tree-pushers and different blades, as well as dozers speced for land clearing and site mulching. Many of the dozers on iSeekplant are also fitted with GPS & Machine control, telematics and other technologies that increase productivity on site.

Bulk Earthworks Ain't Easy - Call Us for Help!

We know all the good suppliers in The Surat personally - because they are all customers of iSeekplant. So give us a call on 1300 691 912 and we'll find you a dozer for hire from the best in the business.

Latest news in Toowoomba, QLD

11th February 2019

A Simple DIY Guide to Land Clearing

Steps to clearing your backyard: Know the lay of the land Create a plan Organise machines and any missing equipment Knock down trees Remove tree stumps Conduct a clean out of the area Excavate topsoil Fill in the site, level, and compact soil Dispose of garden waste and excess soil

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23rd March 2021

CPB Contractors Win $289M Bruce Highway Upgrade

The Queensland Government has awarded CPB Contractors (a CIMIC Group company) a multi-million-dollar contract to deliver major upgrades to the Bruce Highway.

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4th September 2019

What to Look for when Inspecting a Dozer?

Dozers are one of the most common machines you see on all the major construction, mining or forestry projects across Australia. We have also seen an increase in suppliers which are hiring dozers for long term or purchasing used dozer for their fleet. To ensure that you hire or buy the right used dozer for your project we have come up with a simple 7 step checklist of what you should look for when inspecting a dozer for hire or purchase. The 7 steps to inspecting a dozer include: Dozer operational history Wear and tear of the dozer Inspecting the undercarriage Check plate lines or welding Hydraulic system and engine Cab and general inspection Attachments and tech upgrades 1. Dozer operational history When looking at the dozers operational history you should consider a couple of factors. These include the machines operation hours, year, price and condition. This will assist you in your decision making as it great guide to the use of the dozer. 2. Wear and tear of the dozer As identified in the history of the dozer through the operational hours and year this is a great indicator of the general wear and tear of the dozer. As your walk around the dozer look for signs of damage or wear and tear to the top of the blade, cutting edge and the spill guard. Additionally check the blade push arms and inspection the trunnion pins and caps. If the trunnion cap is loose this is a great sign that it has excessive wear. 3. Inspecting the undercarriage As the undercarriage is seen as 20% of the dozer’s value, it can be quite costly to repair, so it is vital to be inspected accordingly. When inspecting the undercarriage of the dozer some of the key things to look for include: Uneven wear of the undercarriage as the operator could favour steering in one direction over the other Uneven wear due to dozer being constantly run on a hillside Tops and bottoms of the brushing - by reaching over the rails and touching tops and bottoms of the brushing you will be able to determine in what condition they are. If the dozer is in top condition the bearings should be round. If the bearings feel flattened in areas, it generally is a sign of excessive wear Track pads and its thickness - if the grouser bar is the same height as pad bolts, then the track pads will need to be replaced 4. Check for plates lines or welding To determine the excessive wear inspect the dozer blade noting any plate lines as this could mean the blade has been refaced to cover up the excessive wear. Additionally checking the blade for signs of welding as this could also be an indicator that it has gone some repairs. 5. Hydraulic system and engine When it comes to inspecting for any damages to the hydraulic system and engine it is important to look for signs of leakages and check the fluids, lose belts and dirty filters. 6. Cab and general inspection When it comes to inspecting the cab inspect the condition of the ROPS, seat, seat belt, floorboard and instrumental panels ad control. If the dozer has enclosed cab examine the doors, glass and latches. Additionally, inspect the state of the steps, handrails and mirrors. If not expected and damaged this will all add unnecessary costs for you to fix. 7. Attachments and tech upgrades Attachments and tech updates generally add value to the dozers as long as they are in good condition. Some of the attachments you could come across when inspecting a dozer include: Rear attachments - single-shank or multi shank ripper or auxiliary hydraulic Productivity and safety features - camera system, GPS or monitors.  How to Purchase or Hire a Dozer? If you are looking to purchase a used dozer check out Graysonline. Graysonline is one of Australia’s biggest auctioneers for heavy machinery. They have weekly auctions running across Australia in both major cities and regional areas, with inspections available pre-purchase. If you require finance for your purchase get in touch with Finlease, whom will make sourcing equipment finance easy and deal with over $350 million in finance arrangements yearly. Finally, if you just want to hire a dozer for your project get in touch with us today. We have the largest database of dozer suppliers across all major cities and regional areas across Australia. So whether you are in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Darwin or Adelaide or more rurally, look no further than our network. Get rates within minutes using our 'get a quote' tool or get in touch with on 1300 691 912.

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