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6th March 2019

Bull Dozer Hire Rates Guide

Dozers would easily be the machines in earthmoving undergoing the most profound transformation in usability in this era of equipment technology. They used to be seen as the massive bulk-earthworks workhorse, but increasingly (when paired with ground-breaking GPS and surveying technology), dozers are being used for detailed earthworks and grading applications.

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26th July 2019

What is a Dozer?

A dozer short for bulldozer is a continuous tracked tractor with a substantial wide metal plate (blade) that is mounted to the front of the tractor. Dozers are large and powerful tracked machinery and the tracks provide them with ground holding capability and mobility in all kinds of terrains. The torque divider is designed to transform the engine power in order to enhance the dragging capacity. The first dozer was adapted from a farm tractor and was used to plow fields. The first design of the dozer was back in 1923 by a farmer James Cummings and draftsman J. Earl McLeod. Over the years the dozers got bigger and more powerful and the demand grew in the earthmoving industry. Some of the world's biggest brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu and Case started to manufacture the rubber type dozers, while Caterpillar also started to manufacture large rubber tired dozers. These days dozers are commonly used on projects across Australia in both capital cities and regional areas.

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17th June 2020

Komatsu 575A-3SD Dozer Review & Specs

If bigger truly is better, then meet the best in the industry – the Komatsu 575A-3SD Super Dozer! With an operating weight of 152 tonnes, blade capacity of 69m3 and exerting ground pressure of 159 kPa, it is the largest and most productive dozer in the world by a considerable margin. Beyond the bragging rights, however, what is the real appeal of such a large machine? Simply put, it comes down to efficiency – bigger dozers push more material per hour, per shift, for a lower overall cost per cubic metre.

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