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What is a Demolition?

If you are an individual or company about to embark on a construction project, you might be wondering what demolition is, what it involves, and how you can carry out the demolition components of your project safely and responsibly. 

Demolition is the act of completely or partly dismantling a structure such as a building or monument with the use of a controlled method. The act of demolition dismantles the load-bearing elements of a structure, before stripping away its internal fittings.

Demolition work is high risk due to the methods involved and the instability of structures during the demolition process and should always be carried out by a demolition company, with the appropriate equipment like demolition excavators. When carried out incorrectly, demolition can cause serious injury or death. A demolition contractor can ensure that every project is completed safely and within regulations, ensuring the health and well-being of you and those around you. 

Demolition contractors for hire

You might be a company with a large-scale project that needs old structures removed, or a home renovator that wants to tear down an old structure before erecting your dream home. Whatever the reason you are looking for demolition contractors, here at iSeekplant we have many experienced and knowledgeable demolition services for hire via our extensive database. The companies that register their demolition services with us are a great avenue for sourcing reputable and responsible labour for your next demolition project. If you are looking for a demolition company near you, the iSeekplant website database is the perfect place to start. Our team can help you to source, compare and decide on the best demolition company for your specific project needs. 

Asbestos Demolition

Asbestos is a harmful material that was previously used in a large number of construction projects in Australia, and around the world. It is now commonly found in many houses and businesses. Asbestos removal has become one of the most highly demanded jobs in recent times, due to the need to remove this harmful material from commercial premises and homes. Asbestos has been linked with a large number of adverse health conditions, and it is important to remove asbestos in order to remove the risk to public and personal health and safety. 

There are many companies that offer asbestos removal services, but it is important to employ those who own the correct licenses and who work to the highest occupational health and safety standards. When removing asbestos, the job needs to be done right, removing all material while not exposing owners, workers or the general public to toxic materials during the removal process.

When using the iSeekplant database to find an asbestos removalist, you can ask them to provide an asbestos report before commencing work, so you are aware of all contaminated material that needs to be removed. It is also important to ensure that the demolition company you employ provides receipts on completion of all work, as this is required by the Council and the Environmental Protection Authority. 

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The different types of demolitions

What is an Explosive and Implosion Demolition?

Explosives are used in the controlled demolition industry to cause a structure to collapse in a small amount of time. Explosive and implosive demolition techniques are employed based on the location of the structure and its surrounding elements. The explosion causes a building to erupt outwards but can cause damage to surrounding structures, or injury to people. Implosion causes a building to collapse in on itself, which minimises the risk of damage and injury. Implosion is more commonly used in urban and built areas. Working with a demolition contractor will ensure you use the correct method of demolition for your project and will not be liable for harm or damage to other people or property. 

What is a Residential Demolition?

Home and residential demolition can be a tricky process, because it requires becoming familiar with the appropriate local legislation and applying for the correct permits and licenses. An experienced demolition company can help guide you through this process, taking a lot of the stress out of this part of your renovation project. Demolition contractors will work alongside your building team to adhere to timelines and plans and will follow the guidance of your project manager. 

Most importantly, demolition contractors will bring their extensive knowledge of demolition skills, the requirements of completing demolition safely, and the appropriate demolition equipment, so that your home or residential demolition project can progress smoothly. No matter how big or small your house or residential demolition project is, it is important to seek professional advice and services to avoid making errors that can have serious consequences to health and safety, as well as legal ramifications. 

What is a Commercial Demolition?

Commercial demolition covers a wide range of projects for companies that are looking at making changes to their premises or are undertaking building and development projects. Commercial demolition can include:

  • Interior strip outs, where the internal services, wiring and structural features of a building's interior are removed to make way for a new fit-out.
  • Structural demolition, where old structures are pulled down entirely to make space or allow for a new building to be constructed. This can include taking down large industrial scale structures such as schools, shopping centres and more. It can also include smaller projects such as removing just part of a building or an external feature.
  • Excavation, which includes excavating bulk mass such as dirt, rock and materials to clear sites and prepare for a range of commercial projects. 

What are Common Demolition Hire Rates?

Demolition Costs

When considering demolition costs, remember to consider the severity of the tasks being performed and the greater costs incurred if not performed correctly. This can include serious injury and damage to yours or surrounding property. iSeekplant can help you determine the demolition costs of your project and match you to the appropriate services. 

Why not get in touch with our projects team or give our friendly staff a call today on 1300 691 912? We can help you look for a supplier, compare available options, demolition services and demolition costs to help you determine the best choices and rates based on your specific needs. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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