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Cranes Hire in Canberra, ACT 2600

Simple, Straightforward Crane Hire in Canberra

An integral part of the earthmoving and construction industries (especially on larger-scale projects), cranes boast a massive amount of strength and manoeuvrability, allowing a much easier method of moving and lifting heavier materials on site. If you’re ready to hire a crane in Canberra now, there are three easy ways for you to do so with us:

  • Take matters into your own hands: click here to go to the homepage. Once there, simply select the machine you need in the dropdown menu, enter your location and click on the ‘Find Suppliers’ button. The results are then displayed for you to browse through, and any refinements you’d like to make are easily done on the left of the screen.
  • Enter everything you can about the impending job into the Post a Project page and the closest, most relevant suppliers will be in touch with you with rates quick-smart.
  • Explain what you’re after to the team here at iSeekplant on 1300 691 912 and we will contact you to tell you which options are the best for you.

The different cranes for hire throughout Canberra and beyond

Each particular project requires a different type, but to make the whole process a whole lot easier, the iSeekplant search has three categories:


The bigger options available, the lifting capacity of this group ranges between 40 and 3,500 short tons. These are movable machines, using tracks below its body. They’re versatile due to their stability without requiring outriggers and being able to move around when they’re carrying loads.


Slewing – have the ability to rotate on their bases and incorporating a rotatable boom, giving a much better range of motion.

Non-slewing – only have the capacity to lift and move loads either forwards or backwards.


Fixed onto a slab of concrete for total stability, tower cranes are used when both lift capacity and height factors are important.

Contact us about Canberra crane hire or if you have any questions

Please call 1300 691 912 if you’re interested in us finding a crane in Canberra to hire, or if you have any queries for us.

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