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Concreters in Boulder

Concreters are crucial in making successful floors, bridges, roads and ramps from concrete. They are usually hired for jobs involving pouring concrete bases for structures that must be sturdy and long-lasting. If you have these kinds of concrete projects planned, it is recommended that you call for a concreter.

Find concreters in Boulder with iseekplant. We have a nationwide network of concreting companies and contractors that you can easily find using our marketplace or submit your request using our Get a Quote tool and have contractors contacting you with their best rates within hours! Check out our listings of concreting services in Boulder above.

What are the tasks concreters are expected to do?

Concreters may use hand tools and automated machinery when placing and spreading concrete for buildings, tunnels, roads and even marine structures. But these skilled workers actually have more tasks they are skilled in. Below are some of the tasks and duties of general concreters:

  • Making concrete on-site by mixing cement, sand, gravel and water.
  • Using a concrete pump when moving concrete to a specified site location.
  • Ensuring concrete is spread, levelled and compacted by placing it into the formwork of steel moulds or temporary wood.
  • Polishing, troweling or floating the concrete surface using paving and trowelling machines.
  • Using various hand tools to tamp, smooth, or shape the concrete surface to create different types of surface textures.
  • When a surface is specified to be coloured, concreters are responsible for the mixing and applying of pigments. They use colouring powders and other materials in covering recently poured concrete.
  • For small commercial and residential projects, they can dig the foundation trenches rather than using costly equipment.
  • Curing concrete by covering it with plastic sheeting and sand.
  • Using power cutters to cut lines in concrete.
  • Erecting concrete formwork.
  • Laying steel reinforcing.

Hire reliable concreters in Boulder through iseekplant

When looking to hire reliable concreting services in your area, go online and visit iseekplant. You can use our Get a Quote tool to find quotes and hire concreters in Boulder quickly and easily. Over time, we have successfully supplied many Australian customers with concreting contractors and have suppliers listed in Boulder. If you can't find anyone suitable for your location, try viewing our available concreting companies in Kalgoorlie, Leonora, Laverton, Leinster or Esperance. We have talented suppliers who also provide several related services you might be interested in, such as Driveway Concreters, Kerb and Channel and Concreting Contractors.

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