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For any worksite, safe and effective concrete pumping equipment is a must. Source everything you need for a streamlined job well done at iSeekplant: Australia’s largest online aggregator of industrial machinery.

We help you source the right equipment for your worksite needs in one easy location. Our online database provides all the details you need to make the right decision without even having to leave the site. It’s a one-stop destination for your machinery hire needs.

Put simply, we allow you to search and browse listings before contacting suppliers directly, via our internal message system. The suppliers, local to the Darwin area, will provide you with full information about costings and pick-up so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Each supplier is competing for your business; as such, they offer market-leading prices to implore you to choose them. You’ll have access to low prices and competitive services every day of the week.

Use our comprehensive search function

It couldn’t be easier to search and locate, as our online system allows you to enter the specific search parameters, to ensure it only returns the equipment that’s right for you. We have built our system to accord with the needs of Australian firms to provide you a business-ready tool for success.

Select the type of concrete pumpers you’re looking for, or choose set your minimum and maximum budget. Also browse to see the right sized equipment for your needs, from the smallest piece for one day on the site to the largest equipment, perfect for a multi-site project.

Contact us with any questions you may have

If you are looking to hire, we can help you with that. We’ll provide you step-by-step guidelines on how lease equipment and get connected with Darwin companies.

As they’re in your local area, you won’t have to pay through the nose for delivery charges or wait days for your equipment to arrive on site. Chances are, your equipment is located just around the corner from you, ready to get started exactly when you need it most.

Browse online today – and don’t forget to contact us with any questions you might have. After all, we want to help you find the right tools for your worksite.

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30th January 2019

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a New Driveway

Steps to build a driveway: Check for underground utilities Survey your land and know your boundaries Mark your project area and stake out boundaries Excavate topsoil and level out project area Lay wooden forms around the project area, anchored with stakes Add in sand to firm up the soil, and gravel to ensure base thickness Compact gravel and soil Lay steel reinforcing mesh or bars Pour concrete Smooth out and level the concrete Set and cure concrete (don’t rush it!) Park your car! Items You Will Need to Build a Driveway Wheelbarrow Tape Measure Shovel Hand Spade Compactor Site String Line Stakes Spirit Level Straight Edge Tool Hand Float Cement Trowel Edger Hose Groover Broom

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3rd August 2019

Concrete Pump Operator Ticket & Licence Guide

*Last updated: October 2020 Quick Links: What to expect from a concrete boom course How long is a concrete pump license valid for? How much does it cost for a PB High Risk Work License? How much does it cost to renew a PB High Risk Work License? Safely operating concrete placing booms How to become a concrete pump operator To operate a concrete pump, otherwise known as a concrete placing boom, you do need a PB HRW license. The PB High Risk Work license certifies the holder for safe and qualified use and operation of a concrete pump that includes an articulating boom, power operated slewing and luffing that pumps concrete through a pipe that is attached to the concrete truck. In order to receive this license, you need to take a concrete pump operator course. You can also find the best concrete pumps available with a variety of top brands across Australia.

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3rd June 2018

What is a Concrete Pump?

Concrete Pumping in Australia is an invaluable service when undertaking any construction project. In many situations, conventional methods of transporting concrete are not practical or possible, so when it’s crucial to manage time, labour, and concreting costs - concrete pumping services can help you alleviate issues by streamlining the process. Concrete Pumping in essence is the process of transporting liquid concrete across site locations. What makes concrete pumping services so valuable however, is the speed and efficiency in which the material is moved around and dispatched.

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