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Concrete Pumping Hire Hire in Newcastle, NSW 2300

Latest news in Newcastle, NSW

31st January 2019

A step-by-step guide to building a retaining wall

 Steps to build a retaining wall: Know the lay of the land - contact Dial Before You Dig Draft your wall design Finalise plans and mark out area Excavate area and trench Lay and compact road base Lay steel bar grid/mesh and set up wooden forms Pour footing - lay cement and sand mix Screed and level the cement/sand mix Lay first row of bricks Fill first layer of bricks with blue metal aggregate Optional - Install drainage pipe Lay remaining layers of bricks Remove lugs from top layer Install caps Allow everything to dry

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3rd June 2018

What is a Concrete Pump?

Concrete Pumping in Australia is an invaluable service when undertaking any construction project. In many situations, conventional methods of transporting concrete are not practical or possible, so when it’s crucial to manage time, labour, and concreting costs - concrete pumping services can help you alleviate issues by streamlining the process. Concrete Pumping in essence is the process of transporting liquid concrete across site locations. What makes concrete pumping services so valuable however, is the speed and efficiency in which the material is moved around and dispatched.

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7th December 2018

WestConnex reaches halfway mark

Construction of WestConnex, which the City of Sydney Council has recently estimated to cost over $45 billion, is fast approaching the halfway mark as we near the end of 2018.

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Hire Concrete Pumping for Your Newcastle Construction Site

Slash labour costs and get the job completed quicker with the right tools. iSeekplant can provide a number of concrete pumps for domestic and commercial construction projects across the Newcastle area. No matter the size of the job, we have a pump to suit your needs.

If you’re pouring slabs, shotcreting or laying foundations, you’ll find our website to be the ideal partner on any job. Find out exactly what local suppliers have to offer without even needing to call them and save time to find the machines you need.

The ideal tool for any job

Our listings are divided into boom and line pumps, with a large range of shotcreting units and stationary skid pumps available. Boom pumps are the most commonly used pump in the commercial sector, facilitating concrete to be pumped in large volumes to many storeys above the ground. This makes them the ideal choice for high-rise construction. We offer a range of units ranging in height from below 20 metres to above 50 metres, making sure that no matter the needs of your job, you will have the tools to ensure it goes as easy and efficiently as can be.  

For jobs that require a mobile pump or pumping to a destination with restricted access, we offer a range of line pumps to suit your needs. We have truck-mounted units that can dispense concrete using interconnecting tubes, allowing them to reach around corners or into tighter areas than a boom pump. This makes them the ideal choice for projects such as swimming pools, pavements and concrete slabs for smaller structures such as residential buildings.

Shotcreting is also another alternative. This system puts out concrete at a high velocity from a specially designed hose, placing and compacting it concurrently. This allows the operator to work with surfaces of any shape or relative orientation (i.e. a curved roof).

Quick, easy and simple concrete pumping hire

Find the machines you need to get your job done on time and within budget with iSeekplant. Peruse our listings, filter by the machine you wish to find and the length of hire and only have to call once to secure it.

Newcastle suppliers love how our service can give expose on their full range, allowing them to pick up additional clients and make existing customers aware of their whole range of services. Registering as a supplier takes only a few minutes, so what are you waiting for?

Make a wise decision

Find what you’re searching for with iSeekplant. Whether it’s new customers or concrete pumping hire services, we can assist you to get what you need. Any questions? Don’t wait, call our offices today on 1300 691 912.

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