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Tips and guides to help you find the right concrete pumping hire

Here's some tips and guides on how to find the right concrete pumping hire for your job

1. What is a concrete pump?

Concrete pumps are highly valued machines on construction sites as they streamline the process of transporting liquid concrete across locations. This process is speedy and efficient while it draws and discharges liquid concrete simultaneously through separate cylinders via the concrete hopper and piston-driven mechanism. Concrete pumps are available for hire on iSeekplant, ready for your next construction project.

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2. What is the right concrete pump for my job?

Concrete pumps are available as two common types: concrete boom pumps and concrete line pumps. First, the concrete boom pumps are used on large scale construction with a high flow rate and articulating pump. The main uses of boom pumps are warehouses, high-rises, and other large commercial products. Second, the concrete line pumps are used on small scale construction with a medium flow rate and flexible hose pump. Line pumps are particularly useful for swimming pools, concrete slabs, and sidewalks.

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3. Do I need a license to operate a concrete pump?

Concrete pump operators require possession of a valid license called the PB High Risk Work license. This license is valid for 5 years and ensures safe and qualified use and operation of a concrete pump. The potential concrete pump operator must complete the concrete pumping course which entails preparation for operation, workplace health and safety, controlling and delivering the concrete, shutting down and securing the concrete pump.

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4. How much should I be paying to hire a concrete pump?

The cost of concrete pump hire is dependent on the type of concrete pump used, wet or dry hire, volume of concrete pumped, and additional surcharges. Concrete line pump wet hire ranges from $190 per hour to $235 per hour, and dry hire ranges from $165 per hour to $188 per hour. Concrete boom pump wet hire ranges from 21m at $195 per hour to over 51m at $443 per hour, and dry hire ranges from 21m at $155 per hour to over 51m at $310 per hour. The rates of pumped concrete per cubic meter are $7 to $8 per cubic meter for line pumps, and $7 to $12 per cubic meter for boom pumps. The typical surcharge rates for concrete pumps range from $3 to $195 for pipe extensions, slurry charge, inductions, operator surcharge, and travel costs.

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5. What are the best concrete pump brands?

Australia has 4 top concrete pump brands that provide superior concrete pump manufacturing and hire for concrete transportation projects. These top brands are:

  1. Schwing
  2. Putzmeister
  3. Liebherr
  4. Junjin

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6. Where can I hire a concrete pump?

iSeekplant has a nationwide network of quality concrete pump hire suppliers operating in all Australian capital cities from Brisbane to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne to Darwin, Perth and Adelaide. We also offer concrete pump hire solutions in all major towns and cities from Cairns to Mackay down to the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Newcastle and Geelong.

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Multiple Concrete Pumps available for hire near you

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