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What is a Compactor?

Although this method is effective for the surface level, but does not affect the deeper materials. By comparison, the use of vibratory force involves a rapid series of impacts, which has much greater ability to penetrate to deeper levels beneath the surface of the ground. Compactors using this method have a flat plate beneath the vibrating component of the machine, which creates a downward force far exceeding the static weight of the compactor. Specific compactors are chosen for different applications, depending on the type of material you're working with, and the depth of compaction required to get the job done. Compactors used for soil come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all available on iSeekplant’s extensive rental database.

Compactors reduce the size of soil and other material by using either vibratory or static force and hydraulics. There are a number of compactor hire suppliers around the country, as compactors are one of the most common pieces of equipment in Australia.

How do Compactors Work?

Compactors do exactly what the name suggests - they compact - using either static or vibratory force, and powered by hydraulics. Commonly seen on jobsites across the country, compactors that use static force use smooth or padded rollers, and the earth is kneaded to enhance compaction. These are found in the Roller Hire category. This category on iSeekplant relates to the flat plate compactors.

Some compactors use static force, and these compactors will use either padded or smooth rollers to knead earth and make it easier to achieve maximum density. This is a good option for compacting on a surface level, however, deeper materials won’t be affected which is why it’s often a good idea to choose Sydney compactor hire suppliers that offer compactors which use vibratory force.

This force rapidly impacts the earth, allowing the compactor to reach deeper levels beneath the ground. Many compactor hire suppliers in Melbourne have compactors with a flat plate underneath the machine’s vibrating competent, creating a downward force that’s heavier than the compactor.

Which Compactor Hire Supplier is right for you?

There are many different types of compactors, and the type you choose will depend both on the depth of compaction you need and the type of material you’ll be compacting.

For projects involving sand, asphalt or clay, there are a number of Perth compactor hire suppliers offering the right compaction methods and machines. If you already know which type you’re looking for, you can easily sort through the iSeekplant database and compare compactor hire suppliers in Adelaide and throughout Australia.

If you’re not quite sure which type of contractor is right for your job, our projects team can listen to your project requirements and let you know where to find reliable equipment that offers excellent value and the piece of mind that it will get the job done- both safely and efficiently.

Start looking for compactor hire suppliers in Brisbane today and see why iSeekplant is the number one choice for plant hire.

If your project involves clay, asphalt or sand, different compaction machines and methods are often required. To help ascertain exactly which type of compactor is best for your current project, it's easy to get in contact with our expert team on 1300 691 912, or email our Projects Team with your job requirements and we'll get back to you with the best value, reliable equipment rental options on the market. If you know what kind of compactor you need to hire, you can easily search through our rental database yourself, and compare the largest range of compactor rental options available all across Australia.

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