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29th June 2020

State Government fast-tracks $1.1bn in project approvals

The $220 million Geelong Precinct and the Two Towers at Collins Wharf are amongst the latest projects to be fast-tracked by the Victorian Government in an effort to boost the state's economy. 

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16th December 2019

$910m Melbourne Rail Contracts Awarded by State Government

The Victorian government has awarded new contracts worth $910 million to remove level crossings throughout Melbourne. A Lendlease, WSP, Acciona Coleman Rail and Metro Trains Melbourne alliance has won a $744 million contract to remove five crossings on the Frankston line. A $166m contract will see a level crossing on the Pakenham line removed by Fulton Hogans and Metro Trains Melbourne.The contracts are part of a programme to remove 75 congested and dangerous level crossings by 2025. Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan said the state is “well on track”, with 30 of the unsafe crossings already removed and contracts for a further 50 now awarded. “We said we’d remove 75 level crossings by 2025 and with contracts now awarded for 50".The government is investing $3bn to improve the Frankston line, with major works starting in Cheltenham and Mentone. The new Carrum Station is set to open in mid-February.

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4th October 2018

Vict Govt awards $1b contract to CIMIC’s CPB contractors with RIA

The Victorian Government has awarded a Metro Tunnel Project package of works worth $1 billion to the Rail Infrastructure Alliance, which consists of John Holland, CIMIC’s CPB contractors, Rail Projects Victoria, and Metro Trains Melbourne.

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Attachments Hire Providers in Melbourne, VIC 3000

Different jobs call for different pieces of equipment. While you may need a certain attachment for one job, the next may require a completely different approach.

For this reason, many businesses opt for attachments hire rather than purchasing equipment outright; it’s a far more cost-effective, convenient option, especially for those attachments you may one use once in a blue moon. Here at iSeekplant, we make it easy to hire the machinery attachments you need. Bringing together equipment hire companies from across Melbourne and regional Victoria, we provide businesses with a fast, effective way to locate the hire equipment required.

If your current project requires a specific attachment, you are sure to find what you are looking for here on our site!

What type of attachments are often available for hire?

Thanks to iSeekplant, it’s possible to find virtually any machinery attachment you require at the click of a button. Partnering with a vast number of reputable hire companies across Melbourne, we can help you find equipment attachments such as:

  • Augers
  • Hydraulic hammers/rammers
  • Pulverisers
  • Cutter crushers
  • Hydraulic compaction plates
  • Rotary twin headers
  • Post hole rippers
  • Buckets
  • Excavator hammers
  • Excavator rippers

Why hire?

Some business often view hiring as money wasted; why hire when you buy outright have the equipment on hand indefinitely? The truth is, hiring equipment is often a more economical option. When it comes to attachments in particular, there are many items that you may use once or twice for a particular project – and then leave standing for months on end. This down time can be costly as equipment continues to deteriorate and depreciate in value over time. Lack of use, combined with expensive maintenance and repairs, means that hiring attachments is often the best option.

If you are looking for a company that provides excavator and backhoe attachments hire in Melbourne, browse our listings today. If you find a company that offers the equipment you require, simply get in touch with them directly at the click of a button. For more information regarding the service on offer here at iSeekplant, call 1300 691 912 .

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