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What is an Asbestos Removal?

The Australian government prohibits the importation of asbestos products due to its hazardous effects. However, if you suspect the presence of asbestos in your products or property, you can contact iSeekplant, and we will connect you to a licensed professional. These professionals will conduct a NATA accredited laboratory test to establish the presence of asbestos and advise you on whether you need to remove it. We can also link you to the ideal asbestos removal company for your project and help you find the best rates. Visual inspections must be conducted to ensure that all asbestos waste has been removed before the resumption of normal occupancy. 

What is asbestos removal?

Asbestos occurs naturally in rocks, soil, or sediments. Non-friable asbestos can be easily mixed with other components like cement, whereas friable asbestos can be reduced to powder or easily crumbled to become airborne. All six types of asbestos minerals are odourless and tasteless, making them difficult to detect with a physical examination. 

Asbestos has been historically incorporated in everyday products because of its excellent and durable fibres, and its resistance to chemicals, heat and fire. For instance, fireproof gear and building materials were made out of asbestos. However, exposure to asbestos can predispose you to health hazards like asbestosis, lung cancer, and pleural mesothelioma. 

Asbestos exposure

Occupational, secondary, and environmental asbestos exposure are the common points of contact. It is difficult for the body to expel the airborne asbestos fibre that can get lodged in the soft tissues of the lungs. Ceiling tiles, insulation, floor tiles, cement, and drywall may contain asbestos that poses no risk unless they are disturbed. It is safe to leave them alone; avoid remodelling and demolition projects until a professional inspector confirms the absence of asbestos in the building. 

Requirements for asbestos removal

You must be licensed to remove more than 10 square metres of non-friable asbestos. An employer is required to inform workers of the presence of asbestos on a work site and conduct awareness training. Also, protective gear like air-purifying respirators should be provided before commencing any work that may disturb asbestos during an asbestos check. However, it is safe to hire a trained and accredited asbestos professional when doing demolition or maintenance work that could disrupt the asbestos. 

Asbestos removal procedures

Abatement workers are required to prevent asbestos dust from entering the air by keeping asbestos-containing materials wet and sealing off the working area altogether. WHS Regulations has established two types of licences: Class A permits the removal of all forms of asbestos, whereas Class B licences only allow businesses to remove non-friable asbestos. iSeekplant requires the listed firms to be licensed and work within their scope before being listed on the site.

Health requirements for asbestos removal

Before asbestos removal, a company must pay for the health monitoring of its workers by a medical practitioner. The records should be monitored and kept for 40 years, during which the WHS regulator should be notified of any changes in workers' health.

Asbestos disposal

The collection, transportation, and storage of asbestos is only permitted to operators with an Environment Protection Licence. The products should be wetted down and covered in heavy-duty plastic and be transported in covered vehicles for disposal at an accredited waste treatment facility. DIY asbestos removal and pit disposal are highly discouraged for both friable and bonded asbestos. 

Asbestos inspection and checks

Presumptive asbestos inspection involves a preliminary survey of a building to identify suspected Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM). A register will be filed with a list of the findings. Remember that the cost of inspection does not include the cost of testing. A Type 1 inspection is ideal when buying a property, and a Type 3 inspection is required when renovating or remodelling a house. 

Asbestos testing

Polarised light microscopy can be used to test the presence of asbestos in the suspected samples. Many of the asbestos removal companies listed on iSeekplant work with NATA approved labs because they are highly credible. If asbestos is found, some asbestos removalists may conduct air monitoring to assess the presence of asbestos fibres. 

Asbestos removal companies Australia-wide

iSeekplant lists thousands of asbestos removal companies with expertise in asbestos inspections and asbestos checks, asbestos testing, and asbestos removal across Australia. Search through our database and find one within your area. 

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