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Concrete Agitator Trucks for Hire on iseekplant

At iseekplant, we connect you with a wide range of concrete trucks for hire across Australia, catering to various project types, from small residential jobs to large commercial and civil projects. Our partners offer standard mixers and specialised concrete pumping trucks, ensuring your project's requirements are met with precision and efficiency.

These vehicles are operated by experienced professionals who can manage concrete delivery and placement with expertise, ensuring quality finishes and minimising waste. In this guide, we cover only concrete agitator trucks – if you are looking for a concrete pump truck, including a concrete boom pump or line pump, head over to these pages to begin your search.

Concrete Agitator Truck Hire Rates Guide

A concrete agitator truck is sometimes called an ‘Agi Truck’ colloquially. You can hire an Agi Truck and fill it with concrete yourself or you can order a concrete delivery, which uses Agi Trucks, and brings the concrete to your site to place in your existing formwork.

Concrete Agi Truck hire rates vary based on the truck type, capacity, and duration of the hire. To assist in budgeting, we've compiled average hire rates for various concrete trucks. These rates serve as a guideline to help plan your expenses:

Concrete Agitator Truck TypeCapacities (m3)Average Hire Rate (Per 4 Hour Minimum)
Standard Agi Truck6.0 - 8.0 m3$450 - $650
Semi Agi Truck9.0 - 12.0 m3$650 - $850
Mini Agi Truck2.5 - 4.5 m3$350 - $550

Over and above the cost of hiring the agitator truck, you can hire these trucks on the basis of truck and concrete included. These prices are usually presented on a per-square-metre basis.

Rates for Concrete Delivery

These rates are for standard weekday concrete deliveries to central metro locations. Prices vary greatly if travel distances are greater or if you require delivery outside of general working hours. Concrete is usually delivered in the morning due to how concrete is poured and set, so prices can surge if you want a delivery time in the early morning. You can negotiate better rates with suppliers if you request a concrete pour in the afternoon when the trucks are less in demand.

Types of concrete are measured with these units:

  • Megapascals: Megapascals (MPa) measure the compressive strength of concrete, indicating its capacity to withstand loads. Higher MPa values signify stronger concrete, suitable for structures requiring high durability.
  • Aggregate Size: Aggregate size in concrete mix affects the strength, workability, and durability of the finished product. Smaller aggregates are used for smoother finishes, while larger ones are for stronger, more robust applications.
  • Slump: Slump measures the consistency and flowability of concrete before it sets, indicating the ease of placement. A higher slump value means the concrete is wetter and more fluid, ideal for complex forms or detailed work.

Most concrete delivery companies offer concrete mix products ranging from 20-50 MPa compressive strength, with a design slump from 20 to 120, and they can mix in aggregates including 10mm, 14mm, and 20mm.

Megapascals (strength), Aggregate Size, SlumpPrice per Square Metre
20/20/80$260 - $275
25/20/80$265 - $275
32/20/80$280 - $295
40/20/80$300 - $315
20/10/80$265 - $275
25/10/80$270 - $280
32/10/80$280 - $295
Reduced Line Mix$250 - $350
Block Fill$275 - $325

Note: All rates in this page are indicative and may vary based on location, supplier and specific project requirements. Rates exclude GST and are in AUD.

Additional Costs to Consider in Agi Truck Hire & Concrete Delivery

Now, concrete supply in Australia is really consolidated, and the concrete companies know how to charge! You have to be really careful about booking and ordering delivery on concrete because if you don’t stick to their guidelines, you can expect heaps of unexpected charges will be applied to your invoice.

Beyond the basic hire rates, several additional costs might affect the overall expense of renting a concrete truck. Here's a table outlining potential extra charges:

Additional CostEstimated CostDescription
Environmental Levy$1.85 - $2.00 + GST per m3Fee for environmental compliance, applicable by some suppliers per cubic meter of concrete
Acceleration Additive Charge$8.75 - $15.50 inc GST per m3Cost varies with the additive's strength to speed up concrete setting, priced per cubic meter
Retardation Additive Charge$8.75 - $15.50 inc GST per m3Applies for additives that slow concrete setting, with pricing dependent on the dosage level
Distance Surcharge$2.75 - $3.65 inc GST per kmAdditional fee for deliveries made beyond 15km from the batching plant, calculated per km per m3
Waiting Time Surcharge$4.35 inc GST per minuteIncurs for each minute beyond the initial 30 minutes the truck waits on site, charged per minute
Same-Day Cancellation Fee$45 - $55 ex GST per m3Fee for cancelling the order on the day of delivery, excluding weather-related cancellations
Small Load Fee$120 - $155 inc GSTCharges for delivering smaller quantities, with specific fees for loads under 4 cubic meters
Return FeesUp to $760 or $180 - $190 inc GST per m3Charged for returned concrete, varying by supplier policy and quantity returned
Extra Cartage$2.80 - $3.63 + GST per kmCharge applies for deliveries beyond 15km from the nearest plant, with a minimum of 3 m3
Minimum Load Fee$95 - $154 + GST per m3Applies to deliveries under 3 m3, with higher fees for very small loads
Out of Hours Delivery$45 - $105 + GST per m3Varies by time and day, including weekends and public holidays, with specific rates for each period
Plant Opening Fee$2,500 + GSTFor opening the plant outside normal hours or on a public holiday
Cancellation Fee$1,500 + GSTFor orders cancelled after 1.00pm on the previous business day
Waiting Time$3.30 - $6.60 + GST per minuteCharged per minute after the first 30 minutes of truck waiting on site
Pump Blowback Fee$500 + GST per loadCharged in addition to disposal for pump blowbacks, undertaken only if safe
Concrete Disposal$150 + GST per m3For over ordered or surplus concrete returned for disposal
Truck Standby Fee$150 + GST per half hourApplied for delays or cancellations of orders scheduled out of hours

Don’t know if your budget can fit a concrete truck hire? Use our Get a Quote tool to get an accurate and customised quote from our suppliers based on your project’s needs. Just leave your details and let us do the rest!

Understanding the capacity and specifications of concrete trucks helps in selecting the right one for your project. Below is a table showing popular models and their specifications:

ModelCapacitySpecificationsIdeal Use
Kenworth T358A6-7m³Agile, durable, suited for urban projectsSmall to medium projects
Mack Metro-Liner8-9m³Compact design, powerful performanceMedium projects, urban use
Putzmeister 36Z90m³/hrHigh-capacity pump, long reachLarge scale or high-rise

Concrete Delivery Safety Requirements

Most of the big providers of concrete in Australia have stringent requirements about the circumstances on your jobsite where it is safe and not safe to deliver concrete.

Consider these issues when preparing to take a concrete delivery to your site, and we recommend reaching out to your provider to ask for their requirements. This is because they will charge you if you order concrete and they visit your site, and you’ve not met their delivery requirements. It can very expensive very fast – so comply with their rules to avoid being charged (and not getting your concrete delivered when you need it).

  • Traffic Management: Safe, legal parking areas must be designated for trucks. Authorized traffic control is necessary when discharging in traffic-prone areas or hazardous positions, requiring barriers and safety cones.
  • Environmental Protections: Trucks must not contaminate public roads upon departure. Sites must provide wheel wash facilities and designated areas for chute washdown to prevent stormwater contamination.
  • Overhead and Power Line Safety: Maintain minimum approach distances from power lines, varying from 0.9 meters for activities under power lines up to 8 meters for work above 330,000 volts. Spotters are mandatory within specific distances to ensure safety.
  • Open Trenches and Ramps: Trucks must stay at least the depth of the trench plus one meter away, with access roads needing to be at least 3 meters wide and clear of debris.
  • Pumping Guidelines: A secure area for concrete pumping must be established, free from obstructions and ensuring the pump is placed on solid, level ground. The area must be clear of excavations and soft ground.
  • Road Surfaces and Gradients: The road surface must support the concrete truck's weight, with forward and cross slopes not exceeding a 1:10 gradient. Roads must be self-draining and of sufficient width for safe maneuvering.

These necessary preparations and safety considerations for accepting concrete deliveries ensure you meet provider guidelines, avoid penalties, and the timely and safe delivery of concrete.

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Finding the right concrete transportation can be complex, but with iseekplant, we connect you with an extensive network of concrete truck hire options across Australia. We ensure you have access to the right vehicle for your project, no matter the scale or complexity.

Whether you're working on a small residential project or a large-scale commercial construction, the right concrete truck makes all the difference. Need something else? Our network hosts concrete boom pump, concrete cutting, concrete grinding, concrete formwork and general concrete supply suppliers Australia-wide. Finding the perfect match for all your concreting needs is just a few clicks away on our platform!

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