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Geelong Concrete Cutting Service Pty Ltd

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Proud of Decades of Quality

The company was started over 50 years ago by Joe Macula, and continues to be run today by his sons Gino & Basil Macula. What started as a family-owned business has now grown into a full-fledged team of highly skilled staff. We are a sister company to Dimac Constructions and we work together to provide large-scale concrete cutting services in Greater Geelong.

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We Set the Industry Standard

Since we were established in 1968, we have remained committed to serving fellow commercial and industrial sectors. We believe in building a safe and beautiful workspace or service that benefits the entire community. Whether you need regular or short-term concrete cutting and drilling services, you can take advantage of our years of experience today. 

How Can We Help Your Team?

If you're ready to scratch concrete cutting off your to-do list, you can contact us for a quote. One of our team members can then come to your worksite and assess the wall or ground that needs drilling work. We'll provide insight into how we can perform the job and how soon it will be done. We'll ensure that we stick with your schedule. 

If you have a commercial- or industrial-scale job in Greater Geelong and other surrounding areas, our team can help right away. We use special saws with diamond impregnated blades to cut through, drill, saw or remove concrete. These versatile cutting services are ideal for your construction or renovation projects.

We Provide Other Industrial Cutting Services

There are various ways that our concrete cutting can benefit your team or project. Geelong Concrete Cutting Service Pty Ltd also helps with wall sawing, core drilling, slab sawing and flat sawing through concrete. This means that if you need vertical or horizontal cutting, we have the skills to meet your needs.

Let Our Skilled Team Help Your Skilled Team 

Our team is committed to handling the job safely and securely. We are committed to ensuring that your worksite is clean and safe. If you have questions about getting the asphalt or concrete cutting task done, contact our team so we can provide on-site service. We're committed to providing quick, efficient and safe work.


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