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Our Vision

Our vision at Digital Land Surveys is to utilise the latest technology to empower our clients while creating the best outcome for their project.

Along with precision & accuracy, our clients needs are our greatest priority.

Our Story

Peter Hallyburton is a Licensed Land Surveyor based in High Street, Kew. Peter has over 35 years’ experience in the building and construction industry. Digital Land Surveys commenced trading in 2001 and provides quality, personalised land surveying services throughout Victoria.

Peter is supported by a professional team of graduate surveyors and technicians to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and rural clients. Our clients include architects and designers, developers, builders, land owners, schools, Councils and large corporations.


Laser Scanning & UAV Mapping

Apart from our traditional survey with total station, DLS now incorporate Laser Scanner and UAV into their data capturing process in order to display the object (or landscape) in greater detail. Derived from LIDAR and photogrammetry technology, along with applicable 3D modelling and point cloud processing solutions, these methods of data capture provide an affordable method of point cloud capture. Furthermore, the 3D model DLS provide is a versatile tool for analysing, rendering 3D models and speeds up the design process.

Easements and Restrictions

Covenants were one of the first planning tools that were used to restrict the new owners of land performing some act upon the land that was contrary to the wishes of the original vendor. The Covenant is a restriction that travels with the Title and is enforceable by the original beneficiaries of the covenant, for example covenant may restrict the owner of the land from any quarrying activities, restrict the size or the value of a house to build on the site, or not to engage in any commercial activity on the site.

Consolidation of Titles

Title Consolidation plans are fairly simple and straightforward. They aim to create more rational land ownership by combining multiple land Titles together to form one. At Digital Land Surveys, our part in the process is to draw up the plans, either based on survey or the underlying cadastral map base, and submit the plan to be certified at council under section 22 of the Subdivision Act 1988. From there, the certified Plan of Consolidation is registered at Land Victoria so that a new Title can be issued.


The purpose of a subdivision is to divide a Title into two or more new Titles, corresponding to pieces of land that the owners can then build on or borrow against. The subdivision process therefore has Local and State Government components. The Local Government components are related to planning and referring to the service authorities, while the State Government component is concerned with how the new Titles are registered at Land Use Victoria.

Building Set Out

At Digital Land Surveys, we are often asked by builders to help them “set out”, or place, a potential building for them. When we set out a building, we provide the builder with control points to aid in accurate construction. As part of our service, we develop a Quality Assurance Plan to show marks placed on the site and the dimensions used. This type of plan enables the builder to physically place reference lines on site to reflect the footprint of the proposed building. By completing a Set Out and Quality Assurance Plan, we equip the builder with the knowledge that the build was placed with survey control to meet the Australian standards for construction.

Feature & Level Surveys

At Digital Land Surveys, our Feature and Level Surveys are most commonly used for design purposes. Feature and Level Surveys are topographical plans of the existing conditions of sites and their surroundings. These surveys are used to show anything that may impact or be impacted upon by future development, including buildings on site and in the surrounding area, driveways, surfaces, vegetation, and street furniture. Our plans also show the contours of the site to give an appreciation for the amount of fall and the aspect of the land.

Re-Establishment Surveys

Re-establishment surveys are a means of defining an area of land that is indicated on a Certificate of Title. At Digital Land Surveys, we offer, as one of our service to clients, a plan showing the relationship of the fences to the Certificate of Title dimensions. This plan enables our clients to design and build with confidence in the knowledge that they are legally building within their property boundaries. This type of survey also identifies what rights the owner has in terms of the easements and covenants that go with the Certificate of Title.


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