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Geosynthetics Australia offers a wide range of high quality geosynthetic products in commercial quantities manufactured by leading Chinese geosynthetic manufacturers. We develop geosynthetic products to international specifications and supply these for projects throughout Australia. Our products include speciality coating fabrics, slit & spilt film woven fabrics, geosynthetic clay liners (GCL), nonwoven geotextiles, reinforced geomembranes, woven geotextiles, erosion control mats and drainage systems.

Bentotex Pond and Dam Liners

Leaking dams not only waste valuable water but seepage weakens dam walls and can cause them to collapse. To overcome this problem, Bentotex Geosynthetic Clay Dam Liners (GCLs) are used to stop water leaking from storage dams and ponds. Geosynthetic Clay Liners also prevent embankment seepage from weakening the dam structure.

Geosynthetics Australia’s Bentotex dam liners have low permeability, long-term stability, high internal shear strength and are self-healing when punctured. They are ideal for effluent ponds, tailings dams, farm dams, ponds, lakes, wetlands and irrigation canals. They provide long term hydraulic containment, slope stability and are easily installed with farm equipment.

Bentotex dam liners consist of a layer of low permeability natural sodium bentonite clay granules tightly sandwiched between two geotextiles. A needle-punching process locks the geotextiles together, resulting in excellent multi-axial strain behaviour. Natural sodium bentonite absorbs water to create a high swelling, self-healing and low permeability dam liner. For high head conditions or where a barrier layer is required against gas emissions, a PE geomembrane can be bonded to Bentotex.


Bentotex is extremely flexible and very strong.

Easy to install with farm equipment.

Bentonite clay’s swelling action self-seals small holes caused by wildlife, stock or ground movement.

Natural bentonite clay does not oxidise or crack over time, is not damaged by bushfires and offers lifetime protection.


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