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3D Engineering Design

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Machines & Services offered by 3D Engineering Design

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Engineering Consultants

Locations for 3D Engineering Design

95 Fairhill Rd, Ninderry Queensland

Overview of 3D Engineering Design

Manufacturers and Workshop Fabricators

A Manufacturer who has kept up with the times is dealing with sophisticated machinery/tools and demanding customers and, due to the precision required, can no longer follow an amateurish sketch – even a 2D drawing can lead to expensive mistakes.

Every workshop we have dealt with has appreciated the complexity and detail in our drawings and found our Bills of Materials (B.O.M.s) -also included in our drawings- an accurate quoting and/or manufacturing tool.

General Services

3D Engineering Design is proud to provide its Customers with professional engineering skills, 20+ years of design and project experience, and a very wide range of services for its multifaceted customers.

Whether the project requires a new state-of-the-art design, or whether it entails turning a Customer’s sketch into reality, the job will be done using the correct standards for design (National or International).

In order to achieve the outstanding results promised to its Customers, 3D Engineering Design utilizes the latest version of Autodesk Inventor Professional design software.

Your requirements may well be already listed here in 3D Engineering Design’s array of services and experience:

Design & Manufacturing

Agriculture & Forestry

Road graders

Forestry plows and rakes

Heavy duty rollers

Agricultural spray units

Olive harvesters


Industrial stairs and handrails

Access systems for heavy equipment

Water tanks

Mining pontoons

Materials handling

Cement hoopers


Recreational devices e.g. Golf equipment

Camper vans

Water park equipment

Fishing equipment

Workshop Support


Weldment frames detail drawings and cut lists of members

Weldment beads report on the fabrication

Calculated painting area of fabrication

Steel detailing


Flat pattern of parts (DXF Files)

CNC format available of flat pattern

Laser cutting profiles

General Manufacturing Set

CAD Drawings as per Australian Standards

Bill of materials (B.O.M.) for procurement, assemblies, fabrication and parts

Different file CAD formats for CNC machines

Surface area reports ( for painting calculation)

Optimization stress analysis (FEA)

Tube and pipes isometrics

Patent support documentation

Animations of models


Part Mass reduction through redesigned with shape generator

Conversion from 2D to 3D

Photo-realistic rendering

Exploded views of assemblies

3D printing of your 3D CAD model (real object to scale)


Entrepreneurs are “passionate believers of their success ”, also described as “Marked by imagination, initiative, and readiness to undertake new projects”.

The entrepreneurs’ organized minds require their project to be exact and professional, and object to having to do work twice over, and finding faults that they made every effort to avoid.

3D Engineering prides itself in being the entrepreneur’s choice for their treasured project. We will work consistently to obtain an optimal marketable design or to turn that amateurish one into a product to be proud of.

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