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Piling Services in Carnarvon

Pile foundations are a type of deep foundation - its columnar elements are long and slender and usually made from steel, reinforced concrete, or timber. A foundation is also considered 'piled' when the depth is three times or more than its breadth. If you are building large structures or building any type of structure where the soil is not suitable for excessive settlement, it is best to use pile foundations.

Find piling services in Carnarvon at iseekplant through our large network of piling companies listed on our directory. We have suppliers listed in every city and major town across Australia, so you're bound to find a suitable piling contractor for your job. Check out our piling suppliers in Carnarvon above or reach out to our projects team to submit a quote request on 1300 691 912 or email projects@iseekplant.com.au. We send out your quote request to the nearest suppliers in the area and get them to contact you with their best rates. Get detailed quotes within hours!

Piling Cost

Piling costs range from $20 to $60 per linear foot of the pile. Overall, including labour, equipment and other materials, the piling cost can rack up to thousands of dollars. Although, when looking to use steel, you might save money for steel piles that cost 25% to 35% less than prestressed concrete piles. However, always choose the pile material that is appropriate for your project, soil conditions and other factors. It is always recommended to hire a structural engineer's help when choosing and installing pile foundations.

Below are the costs per linear foot for each pile material: * Wood = $13 - $20 per linear foot * Steel Hollow = $20 - $40 per linear foot * Steel H Shaped = $20 - $55 per linear foot * Steel pipe that is filled with concrete = $25 - $45 per linear foot * Concrete = $30 - $60 per linear foot

For Pile Foundations in Carnarvon, Check Out iseekplant!

At iseekplant, it is very easy to find piling services in Carnarvon! Just use our get a quote tool to quickly find a piling company near you. If you can't find anyone suitable in your location, try viewing our available piling companies in Onslow, Geraldton, Tom Price, Meekatharra or Mount Magnet. Our suppliers also provide several related services you might be interested in, such as Foundation piling, Bored Piers and Screw Piles.

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