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138 Glendenning Road, Glendenning NSW
14 Wyee Rd, Morisset NSW

Overview of Walkerman EcoHire

Walkerman EcoHire is an environmentally sustainable equipment hire company specialising in SINGLE SUPPLIER SITE ESTABLISHMENT; primarily temporary fencing, portable toilets, and sediment control. Most noticeably, we are market leaders in our innovative sewer connected portable toilets for residential building sites. We are able to install a flushing, fresh water toilet on almost any job site!

Our aim is to create positive change in the construction industry through environmental sustainability and an award winning level of standards for construction workers.

We strive to provide the industry with an opportunity to be a part of that positive change whilst simultaneously reducing costs and providing improved services for their people. We use all electric vehicles and the majority of our toilets don’t require pumping. Products provided by our suppliers support charities that aim to assist those without basic health services or access to freshwater. Likewise, almost all of our profits from our business go towards improving business technologies so we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint.

Join us and engage a service that helps improve the lives of those around us while saving you money and improving the conditions of your job sites!

Services offered by Walkerman EcoHire

Temporary Toilets - Standard Portable and Sewer Connected

Our sewer-connected portable toilets (which we affectionately call ‘The Green Can’) is a new concept dedicated to providing high-quality comfort to the building industry. Our sewer connected portable toilets provide a new standard in cleanliness, usability, and environmental responsibility. All of our solutions are designed to reduce our client’s environmental footprint and provide a cornerstone to a new or existing green initiative.

Our installation team is able to install a standard white porcelain toilet (housed in a portable toilet shell), to the sewer on any residential or commercial job site. As standard, we are able to excavate and raise up the sewer connection to connect the toilet as soon as the block has been cut. The connection is discrete and allows your plumbers/drainers to easily connect the external drainage without needing to search for the sewer. Where we can’t install a sewer connected toilet, or where the builder prefers a standard portable, we also have a VIP portable toilet in the same identifiable green housing.

The Green Can is designed for a construction industry that is committed to providing the best quality facilities for it’s trades and suppliers whilst taking a step towards greater environmental responsibility.

Temporary Fencing

Walkerman EcoHire is well equipped to service all of your fencing needs. Unlike traditional fencing companies, we make temporary fencing easy! We don’t charge ridiculous fees to restock or return to site if you’re unsure of how much you need. We run extra long HR trucks that can carry almost 400m of fencing each. These are the biggest fencing trucks in the industry. This allows us to accommodate even the biggest jobs in a single trip so you don’t get charged extra.

We also believe strongly in providing disadvantaged individuals with second chances. We are currently working to start our HindSite Fences program that will create an opportunity for the unemployed to work on repairing site fences whilst undergoing government led rehabilitation. The opportunity to work and contribute has proven to help on the road to personal recovery.

During this time, we’re developing programs to teach skills to individuals as they learn a valuable trade.

This program is still in development as we aim to find effective and productive ways to maintain our high standards of quality.

Sediment (Silt) Fencing

The provision of Sediment Fencing for the purpose of combining all site establishment services under a single provider and all purchase orders into a single order.

Premium Siltmasta SF5000 – Premium Silt Fence 750mm

  • Single PO for all site establishment services.
  • Single point of contact for all site establishment bookings and rescheduling.
  • Premium SF5000 silt fence is a special, high quality, permeable, technical filter fabric that can be installed as an entrenched barrier fence, and is designed to intercept and detain runoff, trapping harmful silt through settlement and filtration before it leaves the site.
  • Installed quickly and cleanly via motorised trencher and pneumatic spike installer.

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