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Overview of UTILITY ID

Utility ID Underground Service Locators takes pride in delivering high quality, comprehensive and efficient services throughout Queensland. Being Dial Before You Dig accredited and Telstra certified, as well as holding current Electrical trade qualifications and a Certificate III in Underground Service Locating, there’s nothing we can’t find using the latest technology in underground service locating equipment.

We utilise the most advanced line, transponder and sonde locators available. With a range of locators and transmitters producing programmable low, medium and ultra high frequencies you can rest assured we have the right locator for every situation.

We offer Ground Penetrating Radar to penetrate the grounds surface as the next line of defence against damage to underground networks. GPR can often be the only method of surveying underground utilities that are non-metallic and inaccessible.

As weather or excavation can remove physical markings, save money on constant relocations throughout your project by utilizing some of our electronic mapping and surveying services, supplying captured data back to in a multitude of formats for future use.

Easily pinpoint those hard to find blockages and damages with our traceable camera inspection unit and take advantage of our water leak detection system to find those expensive and near impossible to detect water leaks in underground pipes.

Services offered by UTILITY ID

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Locations for UTILITY ID

50 Bridge Street , Toowoomba, QLD 4350