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Sucked In Vacuum Excavations is a family owned and operated company that has been delivering high quality service to clients from Brisbane to Gympie and the hinterland areas for more than 12 years.

The use of ‘Non Destructive Vacuum Excavations’ has become a major part in civil works as it does not damage existing assets and services already in the ground.


We offer a 4,000l suck truck carrying 2,000l of water. Our truck is smaller than average, therefore allowing it to fit into tight spaces. There is a tipping trailer or tip truck available.

Our high pressure rotating water nozzles along with high pressure suction will cut through most ground types without trouble. Sucked In Vacuum Excavations can dig trenches to any width with a maximum depth of 3m. Potholing Services is made safe as the water will not cut through pipes or cabling so there is no expensive fix if an excavator digs up an asset.

Our Jetter can clean out pipes up to 250mm wide. We can also clean up concrete slurry from aggregate wash offs, suck drawstrings through pipes, and dig under footpaths and driveways and other existing assets to save on time, mess and money!

  • Potholing
    This variation of vacuum excavation is used when clients dont want large area’s dug up and just want certain services found, electronic locatios is usually used befor we dig so there is a positve idea on where the asset is so as not to creat to large of a hole!
  • Trenching
    Tight space, cant get a excavator in or to many services in the ground? Then vacuum excavation trenching is the way to go! We can dig past almost anything without fear of damage & leaving a clean site as all the waste is sucked up into the tank on the truck!
  • Footing Extraction
    Need to pull out an old pole footing or post? We will excavate a small trench around the footing so a crane or excavator with lifting chains can pull it out!
  • Footing Cleanout
    This service is used after excavators have drilled footing holes for house etc engineers have diceded that the debris in the bottom of the drilled hole needs to come out and vacuum excavation is the easiest way!
  • Pit Cleanout
    Vacuum Excavation is used in this case because most pits are to hard to get into or unsafe or whats in the pit is liquid! Vacuum Excavation can do it all safley!
  • Pole Holes
    Services in the road and cant drill holes or cant get a excavator in? Then vacuum excavation is the way to go we can reach to 3.2 m deep and get into the places excavators cant!

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