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Geotechnical Engineering Melbourne

Smolders Geotechnical Pty Ltd provide a range of geotechnical solutions including soil testing/site classification and landslip risk assessments for Erosion Management Overlay compliance. We service residential and commercial clients, Victoria wide. Our work is fully insured and undertaken by fully qualified and experienced engineering geologists, using our specialist testing and drilling equipment. Smolders Geotechnical delivers fast, accurate and professional services, testing and advice.

Smolders Geotechnical delivers the highest quality Geotechnical Services throughout Victoria, Smolders Geotechnical are specialists in soil testing and geotechnical investigations, delivering a professional and reliable service. We service both the commercial and residential sector, including small tests for home renovators to high volume builders. We can provide soil tests and reports for houses, subdivisions, unit developments, extensions, pools and decks.

Smolders Geotechnical delivers a quality professional service with fast results so you can get on with your project with confidence, knowing that you are compliant with all requirements.

We own and operate a wide range of geotechnical equipment including a large HMD Drill rig, Rockmaster Drill rigs, Tracked Tight Access drilling rig, and hand held gear – tight or restricted access is no problem.

Smolders Geotechnical is fully covered by Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance and comply with all relevant Australian Standards for your protection and peace of mind. We also meet council requirements for planning permits. We are members of the Foundations and Footing Society Victoria, Australian Geomechanics Society, and the Australian Institute of Geoscientists.

We deliver superior service and expert advice.

Our services include:

  • Soil testing / Site Classification Reports
  • Geotechnical Assessment and Landslip Risk Assessments to meet council requirements for Erosion Management Overlays (EMO)
  • Full Geotechnical Site Investigations
  • Basement investigations
  • Footing Probes
  • Land Capability Assessments (LCA)
  • Geotechnical drilling
  • Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL)
  • Wind Load Ratings (WLR)

Contact the Smolders Geotechnical team today to discuss your requirements and receive a fully comprehensive quote.

Xavier Smolders – Engineering Geologist

B.App Sci (Geology), MAIG, MAGS, MFFSV

Xavier has worked in both the public and private sector, starting out at the then Department of Primary Industries (DPI) gaining experience all over Victoria before taking up positions within the extractive and mining industries both locally and interstate – gaining a wealth of soil, rock and geotechnical experience along the way. Since starting Smolders Geotechnical, Xavier has worked on thousands of individual projects and strives to provide a quality service our clients trust and rely upon to meet their geotechnical & soil needs.

Andrew Smelic – Engineering Geologist

B. Sci (Geology) MSc.

Andrew has worked on projects large & small around the globe – from China, the US, South East Asia and everywhere in-between. Before coming to work with Smolders Geotechnical Andrew had worked for a number of respected Victorian geotechnical and engineering firms. Andrew also looks after the ongoing management of our drilling rigs, making sure they are safe, reliable and capable.

Richard Smart – Geotechnical Engineer/Soil Scientist

B. Sci (Soils) Phd. MAIG

Richard came to Smolders Geotechnical after working at a large respected engineering consultancy where he was looking after their Victorian in-house geotechnical & soils department. Richard has worked in both the public and private sector in both Australia and the UK including research positions at Universities. Richard has completed training in the AGS 2007 Landslide Risk Management guidelines.

Soil Testing / Site Classification Services

When starting any new build or renovation, you will require a soil test. Our soil test reports contain everything needed from your site classification to footing recommendations – all completed by experienced, qualified Engineering Geologists, start to finish.

Don’t waste your time or money on an inferior soil test that gives you next to no information or advice on your footings. Rest assured when you get your geotechnical investigation completed by Smolders Geotechnical you are getting the best advice, using the best equipment – East-West, North-South, City or Country, we have been there, with some staff who have over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we have drilled a lot of holes and seen a lot of soil and rock, we offer results you can trust.

Whether it’s a new house, unit or extension we can help. Getting the site classification right points your project in the right direction, right from the start.

Common developments that require soil testing include:

• New House

• Extensions to Existing Dwelling

• Upper Storey Extensions

• Units/Dual Occupancy

• Townhouse/Unit Developments

• Subdivisions

• Pools

• Sheds or Garages

• Decks

Why should I get a soil test report?

Soil testing is the first port of call for any new build, development or renovation to a property.

As the geology, soil and history of each site is different, a professional and accurate soil report is essential. Smolders Geotechnical soil test/site classification reports assess on-site soil conditions, site classification and provide footing recommendations – your engineer/architect/draftsman and builder will need this information when designing your build.

Early detection of soil and site issues means that preventative measures and adjustments can be at the design stage saving time and money.

Why Use Smolders Geotechnical Soil Testing Service?

• All work carried out by fully qualified engineering geologists or geotechnical engineers

• Fully insured with Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance

• Experienced in all types of residential and commercial developments

• Unlike most others we have a range of Drilling Rigs and equipment, selected to suit your site and conditions

• Members of the Foundations and Footing Society Victoria, Australian Geomechanics Society, and the Australian Institute of Geoscientists

• Quality service that is fast, responsive and comprehensive

• Extensive experience, including difficult and tight sites

• First step to the best outcome for your build

Our services include:

• Soil Testing/Site Classification Reports to AS2870:2011

• Geotechnical Assessments and Landslip Risk Assessments for EMO

• Full Geotechnical Site Assessments

• Basement Investigations

• Percolation Testing

• Land Capability Assessments (LCA)

• Cracked Building Investigations

• Footing Probes

• Bushfire Attack Levels, Wind Load Ratings

• Geotechnical Drilling and Fieldwork only services

• Geological services for mining and exploration

Geotechnical Assessments & Landslip Risk Assessments for Erosion Management Overlay

If your property is subject to Erosion Management Overlay (EMO), depending on what you intend to build, you may need a planning permit to build or further develop your property. Reporting for EMO’s is usually a two-stage process. In some instances depending on your site and intended development, only one stage is sufficient.

Stage One is called a Geotechnical Assessment, this is where your engaged geotechnical consultant inspects your site and assesses your conditions and soil profile. This investigation is conducted in great detail and covers everything a standard soil test – site classification report – does and more; you will not need to get a soil test completed additionally. If no hazards or items of concern are identified Stage One may be all that is required to meet your council’s requirements. However, if hazards are identified or automatic trigger site characteristics are found onsite you may need to progress to the second stage of assessment.

Stage Two is called a Landslip/Landslide Risk Assessment. This is where likelihoods, consequences and risks are evaluated for the hazards your site may have. From this we can propose mitigation measures to reduce or manage the risks associated with your development.

Rest assured knowing that your site investigation will be undertaken by a qualified engineering geologist with relevant local experience when you choose Smolders Geotechnical.

Smolders is fully insured with Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance, and we comply with all relevant Australian Standards and AGS Guidelines.

We can help you meet your planning requirements, and will make recommendations on how your development can be built so it does not pose risk to people, property or the environment. We hold the required Chartered professional status to sign off on declarations for Council planning requirements.

We also deliver a full suite of other Geotechnical services and testing.


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