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When you need reliable haulage along the East Coast of Australia, Sadlier Transport is your go-to haulage company to call. With over a decade’s experience, Sadlier Transport has been making the rounds with general haulage, through to heavy machinery and machinery parts. For us, reliability means consistently meeting deadlines to ensure your load gets to its destination on time, and in one piece having safety as our number one priority. 

A small business with a passion for quality and reliable service, Sadlier Transport has available for long-distance haulage, a low loader with a prime mover, suitable for large machinery up to 25t. Our trailer opens out to 4.5 metres, ensuring that we can handle most larger machinery sizes, and are suitable for oversize haulage. With 10 years of haulage experience, we understand that meeting deadlines are important, and we ensure that deadlines are met with safety being of paramount concern. 

Based in Brisbane, we service along the east coast from Brisbane to Melbourne, Cairns to Sydney depending on your needs. Ensure that your haulage needs from general haulage to heavy machinery, have their deadlines met, and to a standard that means your load gets to your destination in one piece. When you need reliability, you can count on to get your gear from point A to point B, give Sadlier Transport a call today.


Here at Sadlier Transport, we have the following services.

  • 25t Low loader 
  • Prime Mover
  • 4.5m Wide Trailer Suitable to Oversize Haulage
  • East Coast Haulage from Melbourne to Cairns (Brisbane Based)
  • Hotshots as required

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  • 15 Hillock Street, Coorparoo QLD, Australia

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