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Machines & Services offered by Ready Mini Diggers

Bobcat & Skid Steer Loaders (1)

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121 Old Malany Road, Landsborough, QLD 4550

Overview of Ready Mini Diggers

Ready Mini Diggers have grown quickly by solving problems for their clients. Company director Jeff Lahey started in the earthmoving industry in the mid-80s with large farming equipment. In 2000 Jeff moved to the Sunshine Coast, where he decided he could best serve the community if he downsized to tight access machinery. Starting off with Dingo loaders helping electricians, builders, plumbers, concretes, fencing contractors and home handyman with their excavations. Ready Mini Hire's fleet now consists of an ASV RT30 Skid steer loader available for wet hire, a 1.8t excavator available for wet hire and an Isuzu NPR 300 tipper truck available for wet hire.

Services offered by Ready Mini Diggers

Our machinery is available for hire individually or can be hired as a combo for the best rate.

  • Available for wet hire ASV RT 30 - 1250mm wide - attachments- 4 in 1bucket, Rock hammer, Auger 250mm 350mm 450mm,600mm , Trencher 150mm wide x 900m depth, levelling bar.
  • Available for wet hire  1.8Tonne Excavator - 990mm wide - attachments- 1mt mud bucket, 350mm tooth bucket, Single tine, Rock hammer, Auger 250mm 350mm 450mm, 600mm, Trencher 150mm wide x 900m depth
  • Available for wet hire 2mt Tipper trailer
  • Available for wet hire Isuzu NPR 300 3.5mt tipper truck

Ready Mini Diggers offers both commercial and residential construction services:

  • Post holes for retaining walls or fencing
  • Trenching for electricians and plumbers
  • Concreting Preparations 
  • Rubbish removal, site cleanup,
  • Turf preps, grass removal, under house excavations and footings.
  • Cutting, Shaping, Levelling Land with electronic laser levelling gear
  • Slab preparation for water tanks and shed pads,
  • Landscaping backyards 
  • Excavation for pathways
  • Ripping out existing garden beds for remodels, tree roots, edging and retaining walls.
  • Cable locating equipment for locating power and phone cable.
  • Landscaping preparations, pool digs and decommissions, 
  •  Drainage solutions, shaping for runoff.
  • Delivery of sand, gravel, soil, rock, sandstone materials

Ready Mini Diggers hire has the following equipment available. 
. ASV RT 30 - 1250mm wide
3 ton tipper truck
1.8 ton excavator. - 990mm wide
2 ton Tipper trailer
• Cable location (phone or power)

Ready Mini Diggers comes complete with operator so you don’t have to worry about anything.

4 in 1 Bucket

Turf Preparation

Move and spread dirt, soil, mulch, gravel, rocks and road base.

Remove grass

Remove old gardens

Plus, use as a blade, leveler or grab for trees, posts and rocks. Dig paths and driveways and many other uses.

Dig trenches 900mm by 150mm wide

Useful for burying plumbing pipes, electrical wires and irrigation pipes.

Trencher can also be used to cut away dirt in hard to get places such as under houses, and for loosening ground around hard to remove posts.

Post Hole Digger

Used to bore holes for trees, plants, posts, fence posts, footings, peers and more.

Post hole mate is available to give the post hole digger more downward pressure when digging in hard ground.

Size Available:

Rotary Hoe-

Turn the hardest ground into the softest soil

Fantastic for garden beds and turf preparation

I meter wide cut and 150mm depth

Not just for gardening – A common use for the rotary hoe is for loosening areas where dirt has to be removed, for example, if 150mm of topsoil needs to be removed to allow cement, chipbark or other material to be laid, then a rotary hoe can loosen the topsoil and the bucket can remove the dirt, thus leaving a clean flat bed for the new surface to be laid.
can be useful on construction sites loosening dirt for removal

Perfectly suited to tight areas such as backyards, side yards, front yards, nurseries and new estates.

Jack Hammer

Ideal for breaking down driveways, footpaths, brick and rock walls and chiseling tiles off walls.

Great for removing concrete footing and, of course, rocks.

Leveling Bar
Level and spread soil, dirt, mulch, gravel etc. Also carry equipment, tools, bricks, pavers and anything else that needs to be moved quickly and easily.

Mixing bowl

The Mixer is a mobile cement mixer with forward and reverse bowl motion. The design allows the mixer to reverse similar to a ‘Ready Mix’ truck.
Used For: Mixing Cement, stock feeds and stabilised sand.
This is a truly mobile cement mixer. No more wheelbarrows! Drive right up to the site and pour.


The Angle Dozer Blade is a versatile attachment for dozing, leveling ground and general earthmoving works.

We offer at Ready Mini Diggers is rubbish removal and this can include soil and grass removal from your property that you need gone
A 3.5 ton tipper and 2 tonne trailer tipper is available to sort out your rubbish.

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