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QST provides soil testing in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Toowoomba and Northern NSW. No matter where you are, soil testing with a quality company is an absolute must. Many people are making the purchase of their block subject to a professional soil test. After all, it is better to avoid a problem at the outset than to be stuck with thousands of dollars in additional construction costs!

It is important to understand that not all soils are created equal. Some of the differences in these geographical areas are covered below.

  • Soil Testing Brisbane

Greater Brisbane (including its neighbouring council areas) covers a significant area. From the rich red volcanic soil of Redland Bay, to the river flats of Oxley to the old mining areas of Ipswich and up to the timber country of Ferny Hills and beyond. Each of these areas have their own unique considerations. A soil test completed in line with the Australian Standards will reveal the data required to design footings for your home that will stand you in good stead for years to come.

  • Soil Testing Ipswich

Ipswich and the western corridor have a high proportion of black basaltic clays. This, combined with deeper zones of seasonal moisture, means that different calculations need to be used in site classification. It is best that you choose an experienced operator who can produce results that you can depend on.

  • Soil Testing Sunshine Coast

Once again, there are significant variations, this time over a relatively short distance. As you move west from the coast, soil types change significantly. The footings required for a house on a sandy dune are vastly different to those required for a pole home in the hinterland. When it comes to hinterland building, land slip hazards need to be considered.

  • Soil Testing Gympie

While there are no real prominent considerations for soil testing in Gympie, soil types still do vary. This variation can occur across relatively short distances within the same housing estate. Even, within the same street.

  • Soil Testing Gold Coast

Whether you have ocean views, are nestled into a leafy suburb or are enjoying the fresh mountain air, you need your footings to be right. As with other coastal areas, the Gold Coast offers significant variation in soil type (and therefore in footings design) over a fairly short distance east to west. Special consideration also needs to be given to slippage in the hinterland and to water tables around canals.

  • Soil Testing Toowoomba

Toowoomba is one place in South East Queensland where significant variation in soil types occur. For example, there are volcanic red soils close to the escarpment. This gives way to extremely reactive black clay a little further out of town. An accurate soil test is very important in Toowoomba.

  • A Special Note on Trees

The impact of trees on the soil and therefor a buildings footings can often be underestimated. Even trees on adjacent blocks or across the road can have an impact on the soil on your block. You can rely on the thorough and experienced professionals at QST, to accurately account for the potential impact of trees on the soil of your block and to design a proper footing system for your home.


When it comes to soil testing prior to the construction of your home, accuracy and thoroughness is the only answer. While our process is detailed, here are just three important aspects of our service;

  1. QST tests every block. Soil reactivity can vary greatly over short distances. Testing is the only way to be certain.
  2. QST tests to additional depths where trees are present in order to correctly calculate their influence on the proposed buildings
  3. QST staff collects all soil samples and tests these in our own laboratory in Brisbane. Nothing is left to chance.

There are many other steps in the QST quality process. Once thing you can be sure of is accuracy and professionalism. This is our Guarantee!


A building’s footings are essential for the longevity of the structure. Footings need to be appropriately designed to suit the soil they are in. If this step is not done correctly it can lead to ugly cracking and even structural damage to the building itself.

At QST, our Soil Technicians, Drafts People and Engineers all work closely together to ensure that you receive a reliable outcome that you can depend on. All of our work is completed in strict compliance with the Australian Standard AS 2870. There is no challenge that the team at QST can’t handle with confidence and certainty.


If it can be surveyed, we can do it! QST’s surveying services include:

  • House & Building Setout
  • Civil Construction Setout
  • Earthworks Setout
  • Contour & Detail Surveys
  • Conformance Surveys
  • Volumetric Surveys
  • Monitoring Surveys
  • Australian Height Datum (AHD)
  • Survey Control Networks
  • Height Certificates
  • Survey Audits, QA Checks and As-Constructed Surveys of completed works

Whatever your requirements, you can rely on the QST Surveying team to tailor a solution that is best for you.


Our drilling rigs are mounted on late model Toyota Landcruisers or similar. This makes them ideal for getting into tights spots in the CBD area or around infrastructure projects.

QST is able to hire out our drilling rigs with operators for geotechnical and environmental drilling.


OverviewMission and VisionOur Guarantee

QST is a full-service drilling, soil testing, drafting, design and surveying company. By focusing on quality, thoroughness and accuracy, QST delivers a level of quality that is second to none in the industry.

QST has been providing professional service in South East Qld since 2003.

QST’s mission is to provide thorough, accurate and technically correct reports, surveys and drawings to individuals and residential builders in South East Qld.

Our testing, reporting, surveys and drawings will be timely, accurate and technically correct. Guaranteed!


QST is a full-service drilling, soil testing, drafting, Engineering design and Surveying company. By focusing on quality, thoroughness and accuracy, QST delivers a level of quality that is second to none in the industry.

QST has been providing professional services in South East Qld since 2003.

Listed below are QST’s professional memberships and a recent interview with QST’s Managing Director, Dave Hardy.


The QST team have amassed considerable experience working with builders of all types – from high volume builders down to boutique builders producing architecturally designed homes. All up, the co-directors and their extended team have over 50 years of combined experience in the drilling, sampling, testing engineering and surveying.

For a unique insight into the quality service that QST provides to its builder clients, read on for an interview with QST Co-Director, Chris Evans.


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