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Mornington, TAS 7018


Tasmania’s largest and most respected plumbing company

Howrah Plumbing Pty Ltd has a long history of solving plumbing problems. Whether your problems are for ordinary households or big companies alike Howrah Plumbing have you covered.

Our plumbers are fully qualified, trained and equipped to handle any type of job. It does not matter if it’s fixing a leaking tap or implementing a plumbing system on the state’s largest commercial construction projects. We have recognised expertise and qualifications in both commercial and industrial plumbing. We also offer a wide range of services in the construction, maintenance and waste water fields.


With almost 60 staff and 30 vehicles on the road across Southern Tasmania, it’s no surprise that Howrah Plumbing is your first call for quality plumbing in Tasmania

We’ll be there when you need us and we’ll get the job done right the first time!”

Howrah Plumbing Pty Ltd commenced operations in July 1982 as Howrah Plumbing Service, and became incorporated in 1986. In 1997 we purchased our office and workshop facility in Mornington and by 2005 we had developed a strategic plan with the sole aim of providing a professional and efficient plumbing service to our clients. In 2010 the company gained OH&S accreditation, and in the same year we launched our Fuji Clean Waste Water Division.


In 2013 we finalised our Quality Assurance accreditation. We are currently applying for Environmental accreditation.

The company operates from our Head Office and workshop facility at 3/10 Electra Place, Mornington.

Howrah Plumbing Pty Ltd is a member of the Master Plumbers Association of Tasmania, the Institute of Plumbing Australia, AIM Australia, HIA and the Tasmania Chamber of Commerce.

Howrah Plumbing is committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction. If at any time we fail to live up to our commitment, we want to hear from you. We would also love to hear from you when we live up to these principles, or if you have ideas on how we can better serve you or your company.

Mission Statement

We cater to our unique customer and client demands by providing services and products that set high standards for quality, reliability, durability and value for money. We strive to be the best in every aspect of our business, by fostering a culture of trust, responsibility, high expectations and open communication with our customers, clients and suppliers.

We understand the value and importance of the process of continual improvement. By frequently setting and reviewing goals and objectives throughout our business operations, we achieve building and construction outcomes that regularly exceed our customer’s requirements and expectations.

It is our policy to maintain an effective and efficient quality management system, that clearly conforms to industry-accepted practices and regulations, and which meets or exceeds the compliance requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

We believe that quality stems from our management and staff’s commitment to excellence and service

As a company, we are committed to the process of continual improvement and the provision of quality, safe and environmentally responsible services and products. We will continue to measure our performance and improve our quality so that our customers can maintain the highest level of confidence in our work.


We endeavour to provide the most reliable and efficient service, without compromising on quality or safety. We are committed to supporting “not for profit” organisations that are striving to make a difference in the lives of people in our community.


Our goal is to be known as the market leaders in Tasmania and to be recognised for our commitment to service and innovation throughout the plumbing industry.


As a team we always strive to achieve our best. We treat each other with respect and honesty to create a harmonious and safe working environment.


Our customers are our most valuable asset and customer requirements come first. We will deliver a quality service that is second to none – reliably, efficiently and safely – every single time. This is reflected in our flexibility, both as individuals and as a business.


Quality. Integrity. Respect. Team Safety.


Our Environment, Our Responsibility

Since 2014, we have taken numerous steps to reduce Howrah Plumbing’s environmental impact. As a good corporate citizen we realize we have a responsibility to do whatever possible to reduce our carbon footprint and be conscious of the environment that we leave for the next generations. We began by replacing our petrol vehicles with diesel, and in 2016 we started a series of rooftop solar photovoltaic installations in each of our facilities. At present, we have a combined 60kW of solar panels installed across our Hobart, Launceston and Burnie workshops, generating renewable electricity and offsetting our consumption from the network.

We have also invested in work-management software to enable us to transition to a paperless work environment whereby we decreased our environmental impact. This has also allowed us automate our workflow processes, schedule work economically and increase our productivity. Today, all Howrah Plumbing team members manage their jobs via an iPad, capturing all work-related information, including photographs, Job Hazard Assessments and Safe Work Method Statements, in one centralised place.

Our recycling program ensures that all possible materials are recycled to minimize what ends up on the land fill. All paper, steel, iron, aluminium, brass and copper gets recycled.

We look forward to moving to electrical vehicles as soon they become available, and we are committed to continue to find practical ways in which to help conserve our environment and benefit the communities in which we work.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Howrah Plumbing Pty Ltd is committed to a proactive and positive approach towards the management of occupational health and safety (OHS). We are committed to strive for excellence in a workplace where people are not at risk to an unsafe environment or work practices.

We acknowledge that all levels of management must show leadership on the introduction of health and safety policies and that this will actively contribute to an accident free workplace throughout the company – which is our ultimate goal.

Every endeavour will be made to prevent injuries/illnesses and maintain a healthy and safe environment, through establishing, maintaining and promoting HSE management systems and processes.

Howrah Plumbing acknowledges the need for systems to be flexible and evaluated to ensure continuous improvement in HSE performance. Howrah Plumbing seeks to eliminate exposure to risk and injury and to provide adequate procedures and systems of work which create and maintain a safe working environment. This includes the implementation of accident prevention programs and the provision of protective clothing and equipment(PPE).

Our employees have the responsibility of eliminating hazards and complying with instructions given to them and to work in a manner that does not endanger the health or safety of him/herself or any other person. This policy shall be reviewed approximately every 12 months at a meeting attended by management to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate.

Howrah Plumbing has an active Occupational Health and Safety System which conforms to the requirements of AS/NZS 4801:2001 – QMS approval certification No. 001-95314S.

Our aim is to identify, document and implement mitigation measures for all environmental hazards and risks associated with our business activities; to maintain a Zero harm record; and to develop and implement safe and environmentally responsible systems for all projects and works undertaken by the company.


Howrah Plumbing Pty Ltd are committed, as far as is reasonably practicable, to minimize environmental harm that could occur during or as a result of plumbing and maintenance work undertaken at the request of a customer, but it is not intended to constitute a full environmental management system at this time. (Refer HSE/4.2.2/EM – Environmental Management Plan)

This policy shall be reviewed approximately every 12 months at a meeting attended by management to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate.


We are committed to the rehabilitation of our employees who may suffer an injury or illness arising through their employment. Plans and programs for the rehabilitation of an injured/ill employee will be developed in consultation with all relevant parties. The objectives of the Occupational Rehabilitation Policy are to:

  • Ensure rehabilitation procedures and plans are commenced as soon as possible following illness/injury to provide a speedy recovery and avoid long terms problems.
  • Provide alternative duties where it is practicable to do so.
  • Encourage a positive work environment for any affected employee.
  • Provide adequate and appropriate rehabilitation services where required.
  • Ensure that participation in a rehabilitation program will not prejudice any injured/ill employee.
  • Encourage communication between all parties in the treatment of the injured/ill employee.

Safety is the responsibility of us all and management and employees have an important role in ensuring the best possible outcome for any injured or ill employee. A total commitment to occupational rehabilitation will ensure the success of this policy. This policy and its requirements and procedures apply to all Howrah Plumbing employees and contractors.

Our works compensation insurer is GIO Insurance brokered through AON insurance services. Contact Heath Clark on 03 6270 0403; Level 2, 100 Melville Street, HOBART. Cathy McDowell is the nominated rehabilitation coordinator for Howrah Plumbing PTY LTD, Phone: 03 6244 7022 or 0417 596 743.

Howrah Plumbing offers a full wastewater service including permits, installation and servicing.

Howrah Plumbing is the state-wide distributor of Fuji Clean and Taylex systems in Tasmania. These systems are world-leading aerated system that treats waste water to a level that far exceeds Australian Safety Standards. Fuji Clean Systems can be chlorine-free, low cost, low maintenance, come with a 15 year warranty and are both made in Australia for Australian conditions.

We supply and install domestic waste water management systems of the highest quality for both new and existing homes. For your sub-division or hotel/restaurant development we recommend either a commercially rated Fuji Clean system or alternatively, we can design and install a purpose built system tailored to your requirements.


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