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Established in 1997, Enviro Sweep is renowned throughout Australia as being a provider of responsive, high quality environmental services.  Enviro Sweep has experienced continuous growth working closely with local government, government instrumentalities and major corporations to deliver meaningful environmental and cleansing solutions. Enviro Sweep has developed excellent relationships with customers around Australia working closely with them to provide personalized sweeping and allied services.  With a proven history for providing a professional, high quality and reliable service and a large modern sweeper fleet Enviro Sweep is comfortable that it has a demonstrated capability and capacity to undertake sweeping services on any size project and to the highest standard.

 Street sweeping plays an important role in a wide range of applications including local government, maintenance of road infrastructure, construction of roads, rail, tunnels, other infrastructure, mining and industrial applications.  Ultimately sweeping plays a critical role in providing a high overall aesthetic appearance, reducing environmental impact of material entering our waterways and reducing slip hazards and potential safety issues for pedestrians and vehicles.  In turn this assists in managing environmental impact and meeting the regulations and requirements of local councils, the EPA, road authorities and the general public.

 Enviro Sweep has demonstrated expertise in the roll out of major contracts in a timely and efficient manner.  Significant benefits can be achieved by awarding this work to our company as we have set the benchmark in sweeping services around the country and as such will deliver excellence, professionalism, efficiencies and a safe service.


As a specialist group with core competencies in the road sweeping industry we have a commitment to the continual improvement and upgrading of our fleet which now boasts over ninety (90) technologically advanced road sweepers located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.  We have our own dedicated workshops and spare parts stores at each of our facilities, thus enabling us to maintain our equipment to a high standard at all times. With such a large fleet Enviro Sweep has additional units at its disposal to cover maintenance, breakdowns, main road sweeping, seasonal requirements and additional programs as required by our customers.

Enviro Sweep works closely with our customers to implement strategies and ultimately deliver outcomes aimed at meeting and exceeding your expectations. Our dedicated Operations team is committed to providing you with regular, pro-active and professional feedback and a concise outline of our sweeping activities.  We utilise Navman GPS which we have customised to meet our specific requirements, as such we are able to provide concise feedback on sweeper location and work performed. This system provides feedback on sweeping hours as evidence in the event of incidents or accidents, to ensure that we are maintaining our vehicle servicing regime and to monitor our employees when working alone.  Furthermore we understand your obligation to your stakeholders and the requirements as your contractor to deliver the service to a high standard, safely and within the specified time frames.  Our past performance demonstrates our ability to do this and provides our customers with the confidence that they will be engaging a contractor capable of undertaking the work on time and comfortably within our demonstrated level of capability.

  • Enviro Sweep is proudly Australian Owned and operates Nationally
  • Established core competency in the field of Road, Site and Footpath Sweeping ensuring a high standard of work and professionalism
  • Large modern fleet of over ninety (90) technologically advanced and well maintained road sweepers
  • Enviro Sweep runs its own workshops across Australia employing sweeper specific mechanics who all report back through to our National Fleet Manager
  • Employing more than one hundred (100) skilled and trained Road Sweeper Operators Australia wide
  • Strong history of servicing similar contracts, with a clear focus on customer satisfaction
  • Proven WH & S practices which have resulted in a safe and productive work force
  • All collected material will be disposed of at an EPA approved facility and costed for the long term
  • Plant hazard risk assessments are carried out on Fleet Vehicles
  • Enviro Sweep’s fleet has the best environmental footprint of any sweeping contractor operating across Australia today

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