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Overview of DrillPowerNT

DrillPowerNT and DPExcavations are family owned and run and operate from Virginia and Yarrawonga on the outskirts of Darwin. We see our principal role as servicing the Power Industry in the Northern Territory, yet we also have the capacity to take on broader civil and light construction projects.

Services offered by DrillPowerNT

As alluded to above, we took over a long running earth drilling operation in early 2015 and have since expanded the business to include a civil capability.

The previous owners were great at what they did, and built a loyal client base through good service and a good product. We have taken advantage of their hard work and built on that reputation by expanding our range of services.

As well as continuing to service existing partnerships, we have looked to larger ventures such as the Ichthy?s LNG Project and invested in bringing the whole operation up to ?mine spec?.

Locations for DrillPowerNT

10 Fellows Road, Virginia, NT 834