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Directhit Trenchless is a veteran of the Australian HDD industry, operating successfully for over 25 years.

Our clients are civil construction companies as well as local, State and Federal Government who require precision HDD services. We specialise in projects that are technically complex as well as environmentally and time sensitive.

Our drill rigs are fitted with electrical strike alert systems,grounding mats, cable avoidance tools. We utilise the highest quality, latest technology available. In order to maintain a competitive edge and provide the best possible service to our clients Directhit Trenchless is continually upgrading its equipment and closely monitoring industry developments.


Directhit Trenchless are Australia's HDD specialists

We carry four machines capable of directional drilling in solid rock. All machines are on rubber tracks which minimises damage, especially in sensitive areas. They are very compact which enables us to set up in confined spaces. When drilling we use recycling systems to power our rock motor and ensure the site and environment is kept free of slurry and spoils. Our machines are capable of drilling both small and large diameter bores, which range in length from as little as 10 meters to over 3,000 meters.

Large Diameter Drilling

With the use of high water flow and a specialised recycling system, bores up to 1200mm in diameter can be achieved in various ground conditions.

Blind Hole Drilling

We have developed a technique which enables us to drill and lay a utility pipe without the need of an exit point. This is especially useful for "monitor wells" and "gas extraction wells", and also used in certain kind of environmental remediation techniques. Another useful application is the installation of cathodic protection under fuel storage tanks and steel gas mains.

Vacuum Excavation (Pot Holing)

Vacuum excavation is fast becoming the method of choice for service locations as it allows utilities to be visually inspected and verified through small holes. Directhit Trenchless Pty Ltd offers several of these units, in varying sizes, for hire.

Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation is widely used in Europe and America but is relatively unheard of in Australia. Soil remediation achieved through horizontally drilled wells is attractive to both property owners, environmental consultants and environmental clean up contractors for a number of important reasons. The biggest reason is greater accessibility with minimal disturbance. Horizontal drilling permits flexible access to contaminated underground sites without significant disturbance to buildings, storage tanks, landfill, bodies of water, and other surface or subsurface features. Unlike vertical drilling, horizontal well installation is a low impact construction method that does not interfere with an affected property's normal use. Horizontal drilling equipment is relatively compact and can be placed away from high traffic areas. Wells are surface launched and do not require the excavation of large pits of trenches.

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