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Camilleri Earthmoving and Laser Levelling Pty Ltd

Locations for Camilleri Earthmoving and Laser Levelling Pty Ltd

78 Barretts Lagoon Rd, Cairns, QLD 4870
78 Barretts Lagoon Rd, Townsville MC, QLD 4810
78 Barretts Lagoon Rd, Lakeland, QLD 4871

Overview of Camilleri Earthmoving and Laser Levelling Pty Ltd

With a fleet of Arcticulated Tractor Scrapers and Dozers all GPS Equipped; we specialise in Bulk Earthworks, Laser Levelling, Cut and Fill, Bulking Out, Drainage, Roads, Dam Building all on grade.  We can survey the area ourselves or have the survey design uploaded into our machines reducing double handling and ineffeciency.  We work in the Agricultural, Civil, Forestry and Mining Sectors. 

Services offered by Camilleri Earthmoving and Laser Levelling Pty Ltd

We use John Deere, Case STX Stieger Tractors and Case Quadtrac Tractors with 12ft and 14ft JNR Injector Ripper Scrapers. The machines are enabled with Trimble Level GPS systems. These systems allow us to survey the area calculating true dimensions and any imperfections.
From this we create a best-fit design with prescribed drainage, levees, contours, slopes and cut and fill. This design is uploaded
into the tractors allowing for precision movement of dirt all on grade, minimising double handling and costs.
Move large quantities of dirt all on grade; Laser Levelling, Road, Drain and Dam Construction; D10, D7r and D6 Swampy Dozers with rake attachments.
Tri Quad and Dolly Float Hire – all our machines are transported by us, saving our clients mobilisation and demobilisation costs.

Our machines have been used to develop subdivisions, airpstrips, sports fields, highway building, revegetation areas for mining companies, waste refuse sites. 

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