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Bob's Mobile Sweeping Service

Overview of Bob's Mobile Sweeping Service

Bob's Mobile Sweeping has been providing Perth and surrounding districts with a quality mobile sweeping service for over 14 years . We are 100% Australian owned and operated and pride ourselves on providing a high standard of work and customer satisfaction. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best service and prices available in the Perth region. Please discuss your requirements with our friendly team for one-off cleaning or a scheduled routine cleaning at your convenience.

Services offered by Bob's Mobile Sweeping Service

Routine Sweeping Services: can be structured on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or longer term schedule, based on your business's needs and the amount of debris. Casual Sweeping Services: are available for business or non business customers that just need that once off clean up like, drive ways before resurfacing, handing over units when vacating, spills or clean ups after building alterations. We currently use a Tennant 6400 a Tennant 355 and a Tennant 6550 ride on sweepers which have a side broom to get into edges and a main broom which operates under constant vacuum. The sweeper is designed to pick up all forms of debris including, paper, broken glass, sand and gravel. Dust is controlled with the Tennant enclosed filter system, the vacuumed air is filtered through a panel filter, allowing the filtered air to pass out the rear of the machine providing environmentally friendly dust free sweeping. Our machines are maintained at regular intervals and are kept in optimum running order to provide the best sweeping service possible. Our operators and equipment are committed to providing the best possible solution for your sweeping needs. Our operators carry blowers, brooms and shovels to enable them to remove litter and debris from hard to reach areas such as behind parking bollards or posts, etc. This way we can ensure to leave the areas looking as neat and clean as possible. Magnetic Sweeping The magnetic sweeper is designed for use in car parks, factories, construction sites, grassed areas or anywhere else that metal objects such as nails, screws, nuts, bolts or other small pieces of steel on the ground.

Machines & Services offered by Bob's Mobile Sweeping Service

Locations for Bob's Mobile Sweeping Service

131 Railway Parade, Upper Swan, WA 6069