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Skip Bin Hire is operational since 2017, being new to business does not mean we lack in experience, on the contrary, we were working hard for years to come fully prepared in the market. As a startup, we have an efficient staff of 4 members, 3 dumpers and 20 different sizes of bins.

The short span in the market has proven that we are committed to our customers and provided us with good references. These references have provided us with a good client base and a good reputation with the industry.

We came into the business because we wanted our upcoming generation to enjoy the beauty and natural surroundings of Melbourne. With the motive of green and clean, we work together, to protect and preserve what we have.


We invest locally, hire local staff to help and support communities of Melbourne

Being local to Melbourne, we can provide you with the best solution

We provide competitive rates for reliable services

Out pricing strategy is transparent hence no surprises pertaining to hidden cost

Our commitment to nature and business provides you with every reason to ask yourself “Why to choose us” We provide bin hire services in all Melbourne metropolitan areas and surrounding suburbs

Welcome To ASAP Bin Hire

ASAP Bin Hire provides skip hire, mini skip bins and rubbish bin hire in Melbourne; including eastern, northern, south eastern and western suburbs. We provide prompt delivery to the suburbs upon request and take pride in having a reputation for timeliness.

We provide 2m3 mini skip bin to 10m3 flat skip bin which covers all load types easily. Our rental, waste bin and rubbish removal skip services are at an affordable price; which can be accessed on our prices.

As one of the leaders in waste management industry, we aim at increasing the awareness of recycling and its benefits to both the environment and community. If you choose to work with us, you would be helping us in proliferating this cause. We care about the bigger picture and try to protect the nature at all costs.

If this sounds like what you need, you can always call us at 0452 271 006. All you need to do is to contact us and provide the information of when and what kind of bin you need. Our qualified team members will keep you updated on the status of your order while helping you with any questions or concerns.

Mini Skip Bin a perfect way to cleanliness

Want to get your cluttered yard cleaned? Looking to empty your shed and piles of garden waste? Having a renovation leftover to dump? Or just want to get rid of household waste and can’t wait anymore? Whatever type of dump you want to get rid of, mini bin hires Melbourne provides you with the perfect solution to clean your house or yard and get rid of piles of waste.

Mini Skip bins Answer to your clearing prayers

Say hello to mini bin hire, your answer to the clearing prayers. Smart, compact and four cubic meters of smart rubbish removal. The purpose of these unobtrusive mini skip bins is easy to get rid of every waste from small to medium-sized projects. Get Mini skip hire Melbourne when you don’t want a massive skip in your lovely yard and just the perfect size fit down your drive or into your backyard.

Get the right size

One of the best advantages of mini skip bin hire is that we offer a range of skin bins surrounding areas ranging from 2m3 to 10m3 with the easy process of online ordering along with. Tell us exactly what size of skips or mini skips that you need? Our mini skip bin hire will easily fit down your driveway and we have other varieties to choose from. No matter how big or small is your rubbish removal or you located in western, southern or northern suburbs, we will provide you bins for hire that suit your budget and requirement. In addition to strong work ethics, we also facilitate easy loading or bins to make things easier. You can choose short or long-term mini bin hire with prompt delivery irrespective of the size.

Get maximum value with mini skips

Are you having remains of old kitchen or bathroom, broken furniture or old land hill? Your mini skip can easily accommodate everything. Mini skip hire Melbourne will provide you maximum value of your mini skips and it won’t be out of pocket.

How does a mini skip bin hire works?

We are the best Mini bin hire Melbourne professionals for every occasion, be it major renovation work, spring cleaning, general waste, builders or renovations waste, dirt, bricks and concrete dirt, green or inorganic waste, or anything apart from dirt, we can easily manage your waste removal. We provide skip bins in all sizes and shapes. You can hire a skip bin at any timeframe which suits your requirement. Simply call us or book a free quote online and we will revert on your email and deliver a skip bin to your doorstep. Once the bin is filled, our professional will come and pick up the bin at any convenient time.


Rubbish Removal Skips

Hardest task begins when cleaning the rubbish from bin. The professional services will assist in removing the wastes. Let us discuss why we have to hire professionals for removing the rubbish bin.

Rubbish removal bins:

The rubbish removal companies provide the bins of different sizes. The cleanup of these services includes house wastes, commercial waste, construction and home renovation wastes. The amount of waste disposed by individual is not a matter at all. The service provider will take care of it with service price fee.

Size of Rubbish skips hire:

The size of hiring rubbish skip is solely depending on the amount of rubbish disposed by an individual. However, usually it is advisable to go for larger size than the amount of rubbish. This will avoid the hire of second skip in order to finish the cleaning of rubbish bins. The smaller size of hiring skip will lead to a risk of overloading and will have to face safely issue.


Health and hygiene

The rubbish removal is very important in daily life. The collected waste materials of household works need daily removal service. Else, the wastage material will spread the disease all over the area. The sickness will affect the healthy environment of the family.

Renovation and reconstruction of home:

The service of rubbish removal bin starts from the construction house until the renovation or even demolishing the home. Is construction site containing wastes? The answer is yes. The waste materials from bricks or cements need the removal services. The removal companies help us to remove the waste whether commercial or domestic one. Thus, rubbish bin hire is very important in all situations. The renovation of home needs well maintenance of removals in order to avoid the unexpected accident.

Save environment:

The saving environment is very important factor for healthy the atmosphere. Proper disposal of rubbish bin will save the environment and keep our city clean with hygiene condition. The rubbish removal companies will use eco-friendly techniques for disposing the rubbish materials whether commercial or household with diligent care.

The rubbish removal company will answer the all queries of customer with great care and it is our duty to make clear of all point with respect to skipping of removals from home.

The rubbish bin hire is very important for disposing trash that will cause hazards consequences to human as well as to animals. The clutter management is assist with rubbish bin hire system. The hiring of rubbish removal service involves less complication and easy hiring them.

The skip removal companies offer their services through online bookings that make hiring job easy and a simple work. The company will provide the bin according to the requirement of home. We have to call them to collect the bin once filled it completely

The skip bin removal will help to cater the rubbish under one roof. The proper removal will provide an opportunity to keep our environment safe at the cheapest prices.

The skip bin company will provide the top-notch quality service to their clients with nominal cost.


Are you looking for specific skip waste bins for hire that can accommodate any type of waste? Cheap waste bins can easily take care of your garbage disposal needs. Hiring a skip bin is always an ideal way to dispose of any type of garden waste or household rubbish especially when you have a lot of garbage or planning to clean lot many things. In few areas, there are strict laws and regulations imposed that allows you to dispose of specific types of waste so it affects what can and can’t be placed in a skip bin. You can easily contact a specific waste bin hire to know about what can or can’t be placed in a bin.

It is important to understand what kind of garbage you can dispose of in a waste removal bins and these rules apply to any specific type of waste you want to get rid of. Disposing certain specific type of waste or mixing it them incorrectly in a skip bin requires an additional money or the garbage is returned to you. To avoid any additional charges, there can be two main limitations that can be imposed to your waste management bins.

The specific type of waste can be disposed in a bin but they should not be mixed with any other waste.

The waste management bins must not contain hazardous materials or chemicals including e-waste.


What kind of general waste can I put in the skip bin? Most of the household waste includes food leftovers, boxes, clothes, toys, carpet, white goods, timber, furniture or different other types of green wastage. Waste items prohibited also includes paints, oils, chemicals and thinners. To avoid additional charges or chances of garbage being returned, you must avoid putting these items in your regular waste removal bins.


Can bricks and concrete go in a skip bin? This is a common question which most people have before choosing a waste bin hire. The truth is that you cannot dispose of bricks and concrete in the general waste as it must be disposed of separately. This may include concrete, roof tiles, floor tiles, bricks or pavers. No other materials must be included in small quantities. Additional charges may be enforced if the strict rules are not applied by an individual. Similarly, sand, solid and dirt can’t be disposed along general waste and must be disposed of separately.


Green waste bin hire can take care of any specific green waste available for disposal and recycle it properly. Organic waste includes leaves, grass, bark and branches. Disposing of green waste can be like the same way as general waste. There are not many rules applied for green waste and you can easily include this waste with others. You can’t put liquid waste (oils, thinners, paints etc.), LPG gas cylinders, Tyres, batteries, e-waste, asbestos etc. Still having doubt what to put and what not? Contact Skip Waste bins for hire and get the best waste disposal services.


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